Wasatch County Sheriff's Office

Wasatch County Sheriff’s Department reported that at about 3:30 pm Saturday, dispatch got a call from a woman who said her nephew was swimming at the Reservoir, went under the water and did not resurface.

Emergency crews found the teen in about 15-20 feet of water near the day use area of Soldier Creek Campground. They estimate he had been under for about an hour. First responders tried to resuscitate him but were not successful.

The Sheriff’s office has not identified the victim.

Wasatch County Sheriff's Office

Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office reported Sunday evening that the search for two men at Strawberry Reservoir has come to an end.

After 11 days of searching Wasatch County Sheriff Jared Rigby reported that the bodies of Jim and Mark Gardiner have been found. The Utah county brothers, aged 70 and 61 were found southwest of the island near the Ladders area. The Ladders area is located on the northeast side of Strawberry Reservoir.

Wasatch County Sheriff's Office

Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office has been searching for two men who went missing Thursday afternoon while fishing. The department is now scaling back those search efforts.

Summit County Sheriff Justin Martinez and his office have been aiding Wasatch County Sheriff’s Department in their search for brothers Jim and Mark Gardiner who went missing last week while fishing at Strawberry Reservoir.

Summit County has been loaning an underwater remote operated vehicle that has the ability to help search for the men. Martinez says the search has been difficult on crews.

Wasatch County Sheriff's Office

Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office continues their search for two men who went missing Thursday afternoon while fishing.

Around 2:30 on Thursday a DWR employee at Strawberry Reservoir noticed an unoccupied boat running in the lake coming to stop on the shore in the northeast portion of Strawberry.

Since that time Wasatch County Sheriff’s office has been busy searching for the two men, brothers aged 70 and 61 from Salem and Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Wasatch County Sheriff Jared Rigby says they’ve found shoes and a hat in that area.

Wasatch County Sheriff's Department

Wasatch Back Narcotics Enforcement Team or BackNET, conducted a traffic stop on Saturday that resulted in a drug bust of 50 pounds of marijuana.

According to Wasatch County Sheriff’s Department, during a traffic stop on US 40 on Saturday law enforcement deployed narcotics trained dog that alerted officers of the smell of illegal drugs.

Wasatch County has a new sheriff in town. Sheriff Jared Rigby along with nearly 100 of the sheriff department’s employees reaffirmed their commitment to the county on Monday afternoon.

Wasatch County

Chief Deputy Jared Rigby will be sworn in as the new Wasatch County Sheriff on Monday. The swearing in ceremony is unique to this sheriff’s department. All the community is invited. Carolyn Murray has details:

Wasatch County Sheriff's Office

The bodies of a young couple were recovered from Strawberry Reservoir over the weekend.

26-year-old Chenoa Plank of Sugar House, and her boyfriend Benjamin Magalis, 24, of Minnesota were out fishing on Strawberry lake on Monday November 12th when their boat capsized.  According to Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office, the couple fell into the water that was about 38 degrees Fahrenheit. The sheriff’s department said it appears that the couple drowned but the state medical examiner’s office had not yet officially determined the cause of death.

Utah Fishing Info . Com Viviane Park-Lower Provo

A 50-year old Florida man drowned in a kayaking accident on the Provo River in Wasatch County on Tuesday, July 3rd.  He missed the take out area and was trapped under water further down river after capsizing.  Carolyn Murray has this:


The Wasatch County Sheriff’s Department has been enforcing the parking regulations on the Guardsman’s Pass Road near the Brighton Estates neighborhood. They have been towing vehicles regularly and will continue to enforce the parking restrictions.  Carolyn Murray has this:

Wasatch County Sheriff’s Deputy, Jared Rigby says there have been safety concerns that people are parking on the side of the Guardsman’s Road.  It causes a narrowing of the roadway so other cars cannot get through.

Fourth Suspect In Heber Drug Bust Is In Custody

May 9, 2018
Declan Scannell,Erin Fulmore, Brett Ferrante
Wasatch County Sheriff's Office

The Heber City Police Department, Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office and the Wasatch Back Narcotics Enforcement Team arrested three people last week for multiple felony and misdemeanor drug charges.  A fourth suspect, Ian Debay, was not home at the time the original warrant was served but as of yesterday (Tuesday) he has now been taken into custody. Carolyn Murray has this:  

A Wasatch High School student is in custody after a classmate alerted authorities Wednesday night that a fellow student was threatening gun violence on social media. KPCW’s Leslie Thatcher has more.

Wasatch County, a Sheriff's lieutenant, and two county prosecutors have been hit with a lawsuit filed by a Midway resident who was arrested two years ago for allegedly throwing away brochures of a business competitor. Scott Eckersley ultimately came to a plea deal with the county. Now, he's asking for at least $1.5 million in damages, arguing he was defamed by the county's representatives. Rick Brough has more.

Bank Robber in Midway Still on the Loose

Aug 16, 2017
Wasatch County Sheriff's Office

The Grand Valley Bank in Midway was robbed at gun point last week and the suspect remains at large.  The FBI and Wasatch County Sheriff’s office continue to investigate the robbery.  They’re asking the community for any information about the incident. Carolyn Murray has this update.

Wasatch County Sheriff's Office is warning Heber Valley residents to watch their money.   Counterfeit $20 bills are showing up at local businesses.  KPCW's Renai Bodley has more: 

Here's a link to the U.S. Department of the Treasury website that tells you how to spot a fake bill.