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At their March 4th meeting Wasatch County Council held off on a decision for when to issue the open space bond but also made progress on their updated county employee housing program.

A crowd of around 20 people attended the interested landowners meeting Wednesday evening. The meeting provided landowners in Wasatch County information about how they can preserve their land as open space in perpetuity through funding sources including the $10 million open space bond county residents passed in 2018.

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Wasatch County Landowners interested in preserving their land are invited to a meeting Wednesday evening to learn more about their options.

After passing a $10 million open space bond last November Wasatch County landowners finally have the opportunity to apply for those monies to place conservation easements on their land.

Wasatch County

Wasatch County residents interested in preserving their land will soon be able to apply for part of the $10 million Open Space Bond passed last year.

Wasatch County

After Wasatch County voters passed a $10 million open space bond, the Wasatch Open Lands Board is nearly ready to receive applications from land owners.

Wasatch Open Lands Board (or WOLB) Chair Heidi Franco says that the process has been long but that WOLB is nearing a point to receive applications from land owners interested in preserving open space.

Wasatch Open Space Bonds .org

Wasatch County residents passed a $10 million open space bond in last November’s election, now the county is preparing to open up applications to use the funds.

The Wasatch Open Lands Board, or WOLB, is a committee put together by the Wasatch County Council in order to advise on the distribution of the $10 million bond.

The seven-member board is made up of two representatives from Wasatch County Council, and two citizens at large as well as one representative from the Heber City Council, Midway City Council, and the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce.

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Landowners and others interested in preserving open space in Wasatch County are invited to a series of meetings and public hearings this week.

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A $15 million open space bond resolution passed the Wasatch County Council on Wednesday in a 4 to 3 vote. Wasatch County residents will have the chance to weigh in on the ballot initiative in November.  The work of writing the bond language and educating the public begins immediately.  Carolyn Murray has this:  

It looks like Wasatch County will revive a long-dormant citizens' board, which could be the vehicle for an open-space bond proposal. Rick Brough has more.