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Snow Ranch Pastures / Utah Open Lands

Utah Open Lands is asking the Park City Council to donate another $550,000 dollars to the purchase of the 19-acre Snow Ranch Pasture, land conservation deal. The deadline for a decision is June 30. KPCW has details on the request and the short timeline the city has, to decide.

Utah Open Lands Executive Director, Wendy Fisher says they need a million dollars by Sunday. They’re asking the City to help with the final push. She says they were able to enter into an option agreement with the Armstrong families a little over a year ago.

Executive Director, Wendy Fisher of Utah Open Lands talks about the announcement recently made by Kerry Armstrong, her intention to donate  the Red Barn Property, a 13 acre parcel in Thaynes Canyon to Park City as permanent open space. She also talks about the $1 million still needed to preserve the 16 acre Snow Ranch Pastures property. Park City Manger Diane Foster gives a preview of Thursday’s council meeting including an annexation discussion on the town of Hideout. Brad Greeno and Lexi Grimes of Brighton Anglers talk about the Fish For Garbage Day planned for Saturday.

On today’s program, South Summit School District Superintendent Shad Sorenson has an update on the district’s proposed $90 million bond that will be put on November’s ballot. Brothers and former owners of the Treasure Hill property Pat and Mike Sweeney talk about their efforts over the last 30 years to see this property developed and the resulting acquisition for $64 million by Park City and Utah Open Lands Director Wendy Fisher has an update on the Snow Ranch Pastures acquisition – the deadline is Sunday.

On today’s program, President and CEO of Park City Chamber Bureau Bill Malone discusses some of the legislative issues he's watching and what could be a record-breaking ski season. Utah Open Lands Director Wendy Fisher has an update on raising the last $1.4 million for Snow Ranch Pastures as well as what's next to put a conservation easement in place of Bonanza Flat and Chris Barkey with the Utah Stream Access Coalition has details about tomorrow's Fly Fishing Film Tour.

The clock is running on the opportunity to purchase the conservation easement of 20 acres at the base of Thyanes Canyon – one of Park City’s most iconic views. KPCW’s Leslie Thatcher has this update.

On today’s program, Summit County Sheriff Justin Martinez talks about the recent rash of  auto thefts and burglaries. Sally Elliott and Wendy Fisher, Director of Utah Open Lands discuss the protection of Armstrong Snow Ranch Pastures--they still have to raise money to save it. U.S. Ski and Snowboard Director of Communications Tom Webb has  a team update and Park City Native Rosie Brennen talks about her cross country career and her fight to get back on the team.

On today’s program, Summit County Council member Chris Robinson has a recap of Wednesday's meeting. Utah Open Lands Director Wendy Fisher and Dustin Armstrong talk about the history of the Snow Ranch Pastures Park City Cooperative Parent Jessica Whiltsee and long-time teacher Linda Perkins have details about the school's fall fundraiser Nov 3rd. Park City Community Foundation Programs Director Ollie Wilder & Live PC Give PC  Chairman Mike Ruzek talk about donor goals & Mission Leadership Boards for next Friday’s day of giving.

Local News Hour - June 27, 2018

Jun 27, 2018

On today’s program, Park City School District Communications Director Melinda Colton has details about next Tuesday’s July 3rd School Board Meeting and updates from the School Board meeting last week. Park City Council Member Nann Worel has a recap from last night’s  special meeting and Wendy Fisher Executive Director of Utah Open Lands talks about the campaign to raise $6 million to preserve the in town area called Snow Ranch Pastures.

Local News Hour - April 24, 2018

Apr 24, 2018

      Summit County Sheriffs Department, Andrew Wright and Justin Hemingway talk about a community workshop called Front Line and Blue Line  which is scheduled for May 14th at Ecker Hill Middle School.  Park City Planning Director Bruce Erikson has a preview of the Planning Commission meeting scheduled for Wednesday.  Utah Open Lands Executive Director, Wendy Fisher and National Weather Service Senior Hydrologist, Brian McInerney talk to KPCW about the Brock Evans Earth Day Conservation award given to McInerney for his lifetime of work educating people on the effects of climate change.  

The Utah legislature recently defunded the LeRay McAllister Critical Land Conservation Fund, which has helped preserve open space in the state for 20 years. Wendy Fisher, executive director of Utah Open Lands, is not quite sure why this happened. Rick Brough has more on this:

Local News Hour - March 26, 2018

Mar 26, 2018

On today’s program, Leslie Thatcher speaks to Director Michael Barille, who has an update from the Historic Park City Alliance City Alliance. Director Kendra Wyckoff, Capital Campaign Manager Liza Springmeyer  from the Peace House and Karen Marriott, chair of the Thrive Campaign talk about the grant from the state  legislature and the final push for fundraising for the new facility and Utah Open Lands Ex. Director Wendy Fisher has an update on open space issues, including the Snow Ranch Pastures and Bonanza Flat.

Saving Open Space Is Years In The Making

Aug 25, 2017
Photo Courtesy of Charlie Lansche-Images

The Park City Rotary Club just granted Professional Citizen of the Year Award to two Land Conservation Directors who were instrumental in the successful Bonanza Flat Open Space acquisition. It’s taken a couple of decades of focus and commitment.  Carolyn Murray has more:

Courtesy of Bob Wick BLM-Grand Staircase Escalante / NRDC web site

Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, announced Thursday his recommendation to shrink some of the nation’s National Monuments. Included in the proposal are two of Utah’s National Monuments, Escalante and the newly designated, Bears Ears.  No details have been released yet, but a statement from the San Juan County Commission outlines their support of the Zinke recommendation. 

Local News Hour - August 25, 2017

Aug 25, 2017

On today’s program, Bob Radke has this week’s Mountain Trails Report with Bob Radke. Cheryl Fox and Wendy Fisher – this year’s Rotary Club’s Professional Citizens of the Year. They talk about their organizations impact on saving open space and their reactions to yesterday’s draft report on shrinking two National Monuments in Utah. Clark Martinez, son of iconic miner Rich Martinez, and Robert Holmes from Park City Rotary have details on this year's Mucking and Drilling contest, as well as the other activities planned for Miner's Day.

Conserving Bonanza Flat Begins

Jul 26, 2017
Utah Open Lands Bonanza Flat

The 1350-acre open space Bonanza Flat was purchased on June 15th by Park City and now a six-month planning process begins.  Carolyn Murray has this update: