Moose Wanders Into Bald Eagle Home

Jun 25, 2018
Sheri Prucka

For Sheri and Matt Pruka, the meaning of Moose House doesn’t just refer to the old school downhill mountain bike trail between Park City Mountain and Deer Valley Resort.  Carolyn Murray has this:

Moose in Iron Canyon -Dave Cushing

Seeing Moose in this part of the Wasatch Back is common.  Spotting moose on the trails is one thing but in Park City, they’re often seen wandering up Swede Alley or grazing in the round-about on Deer Valley Drive.  Some of Utah’s wildlife experts are keeping watch on the moose that inhabit the region from Parley’s Canyon to Duchesne.  

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

A resident of Rockport saw some hunters shooting deer from the roadway on State Routh 32 near the State Park.  It turns out the hunters were cited by the Division of Wildlife Resources on a couple of counts.  Carolyn Murray has more: