As the Park City School District winds down the year long master planning efforts, they’re asking for one last push of participation from the public. The Board of Education wants direction on implementation of the final 10 projects that have been identified as critical to the future of learning in the Park City School District.

Foreign Figures

Utah’s Attorney General, Sean Reyes will visit Park City High School on Monday, October 7 as part of state-wide campaign to curb suicide and drug use in teens. He’ll be accompanied by the indie pop band Foreign Figures as well as the inspirational speaker Nick Vujicic.  (Voo-yee- Cheech)

PCHS Dance Team Will Travel To Elite Dance Festival

Sep 20, 2019

The Park City High School Dance Team is going to attend a national dance festival in Pittsburg in February. They hope to raise enough to bring all 14 members.


They need to raise $1500 per person. Their fund-raising efforts include a big reach out to the community by offering dance clinics to younger students. Dance Team member and Park City High School Senior, Clara Bradford says it’s a great chance to perform in front of crowds, not to mention how fun it is for the parents of the younger dancers.


The Park City School District Board of Education meeting on Tuesday focused master planning efforts which have been underway since last October. Consultants, NV5 and GSBS have compiled some 600 comments and a year’s worth of meeting data into three overarching recommendations.


The Park City High School Student Council is taking homecoming week to another level of community engagement this year. They’ve got a unique event planned to bring students, staff, administration and all of Park City together to be part of the week- long festivities.

Homecoming includes a weeks-worth of activities that starts with Tuesday’s powder puff football game. Junior Girls stack up against the Senior Girls on Dozier field at 7 pm.


 In their monthly update, the Park City Education Foundation has details about the Elementary Visual Arts partnership, known as EVA, to bring arts education to the youngest learners in the district.According to Executive Director of the Park City Education Foundation, Abby McNulty, the Utah legislature cut funding for elementary art programs a long time ago.


A staff member at Treasure Mountain Junior High School discovered a note early this morning (Thursday morning) which stated there was a bomb in the library. A video from an earlier time period showed a girl with the note in her hand but according to police, it’s unclear if the student knew what the note said or if she is responsible for writing it and placing it in the library.



Now that Park City School District’s new Chief Academic Officer Amy Hunt is in place, she’s focused on learning about the school district and formulating goals for the upcoming school year.

Superintendent Jill Gildea says Chief Academic Officer Amy Hunt is uniquely qualified to improve instruction and student learning in the Park City School District. As we’ve reported, Hunt comes from a varied background in laboratory research, math and science teaching and organizational management. 



The Park City School District has created a new Chief Academic Officer position which is part of the executive administrative team. The role is responsible for curriculum and academic success of the nearly 4800 students in the school district.

The new Chief Academic Officer Dr. Amy Hunt comes from a varied background starting out as a biologist working in a clinical laboratory. Later, in pursuit of her love of teaching, she went into a middle school environment where she taught math and science in San Diego.


Park City School District has staffed up the wellness program with counselors, interventionists and therapists to address the mental health needs of children in a wholistic way.


The Park City Learning Academy is making changes this year which school district leadership hopes will create a more wholistic program for high school students who need more assistance than what the standard classroom offers.

Traditionally, the Park City Learning Center, now Learning Academy would enroll students who were dealing with chronic absenteeism or in need of support to make up credits. Associate Superintendent of Wellness Ben Belnap has an example of the changes this year.

Cheerleading Team Expands At Park City High School

Aug 30, 2019
PCHS Cheerleading Team


Park City High School is taking a new direction with their Cheer squad. A new coach with extensive experience in Cheerleading has taken over the team and they have big plans for supporting all Park City High School sports teams but also venturing into regional and national competition of their own.

Park City High School Cheerleading Team Head Coach, Ashley Baer has been cheerleading since she was a toddler living in Florida where she says the sport is very competitive. High School Senior Tatam Burdige says her mom was a cheerleader at Park City High School.


The Park City School District welcomes a new member to the Chief Operations Officer position on their executive administrative team. The job description includes responsibility for buildings and grounds, security, transportation and food services.

KPCW has the overview of specific security projects completed this summer and the security priorities for the coming school year.

Wasatch School District

The Midway Elementary School was built in 1975 to accommodate 300 students. If the $150 million school bond passes in November, The Wasatch School District plans to replace the school.  The bond referendum was approved last week by the school board.The Wasatch County School Board approved the $150 million bond referendum to build a second Wasatch High School and a replacement elementary school in Midway.

Wasatch High School Year Book / KPCW Radio

The Wasatch County School Board unanimously passed a resolution to place a $150 million bond on November’s ballot. The money would be used to build a second Wasatch High School and replace an aging elementary school in Midway.

Wasatch High School has a Freshman class of more than 600 students this year. Last year there were 2100 students enrolled in the high school. Early counts show this year, they’ll have about 2300.