Utah Schools Face Losing Federal Funds

Jul 24, 2018
Heidi Mathews-UEA President

Federal funding of education for Utah schools is potentially at stake due to changes in standardized testing guidelines. The Our Schools Now education funding initiative will not be on the November ballot. A compromise gas tax increase measure will be there instead. And, Utah has changed Teacher licensure requirements to make it easier to enter the teaching profession.  Carolyn Murray has this update:

Wasatch County School District

The Wasatch School District has hired a new Communications Director. She talks with KPCW about the top three priorities of Safety, Teacher Pay and Literacy.  Carolyn Murray has this:

Communications Director Kirsta Albert started her new job with the Wasatch School District on July 2nd.  The district has 8 schools and about 7000 students enrolled for the fall of 2018. Albert has a background in journalism, marketing and communications with non-profits and children’s programs.


The Park City Board of Education announces a new top level administrative role which will be second in line after the Superintendent of Schools.  It’s a position requiring expertise in safety and facility management. With Master Facilities Planning due to start in September, the President of the Park City Board of Education says it’s a critical need as they move ahead in re-building  district administration.   Carolyn Murray has this:


The Park City School District will have the new Superintendent in place by the start of school in August.  She comes from the Greenwich, Connecticut school district which shares common goals and objectives.  Carolyn Murray has this:

Superintendent Jill Gildea leaves the Greenwich School District effective the end of July and according to Park City Business Administrator Todd Hauber, she’ll be in Park City no later than the 23rd of August. 


At its most recent meeting, the Park City Board of Education granted the necessary easements to Park City for the construction of a new tunnel, approved next year’s budget – and got an update on the construction of the new Park and Ride lot near Ecker Hill Middle School. Carolyn Murray has more:  


The Park City School Board voted 4 to 1 in favor of adopting the revised 2018 school budget along with the new 2018/19 budget.  Board Member Petra Butler was the sole dissenting vote.  The budget includes a $5.7 million tax increase proposal this year and another similar amount next year in addition.  Carolyn Murray has this:

There are 21 new positions proposed for the 2018/19 school year.  Board Member Petra Butler says administration doesn’t have systems or resources to make a smooth transition for the new hires.

KPCW Interview

The Park City Board of Education plans to spend about $1 million out of the $20 million capital account surplus to purchase a house for use by the incoming Superintendent.  Carolyn Murray has this:

Park City School Board President, Andrew Caplan says when they began the search process to replace Ember Conley, they did a tremendous amount of community outreach, meeting with about 150 stakeholders.  He says they decided early on they wanted to insure current and future superintendents would be able to live in the community.          


The Park City Board of Education has hired Dr. Jill Gildea as the school district’s new superintendent. The Board has also approved a substantially larger pay and benefit package than paid to former superintendents – saying district patrons will get what they pay for.    Click here to see Gildea's employment agreement with the school district.


The Park City School Board was not able to vote on the 2018-19 Budget or on the proposed $5.6 million tax increase during the regularly scheduled board meeting on Tuesday.  They had just two of five board members and therefore no quorum to legally vote on any of the action items on the agenda.  Carolyn Murray has this:


The Park City School Board meets  Tuesday and a $5.6 million  tax increase will likely be approved. A two year contract approval is expected for the Business Administrator Todd Hauber along with a tunnel discussion and other policy decisions. Carolyn Murray has this: