The Park City Board of Education met Wednesday morning in the first of two team building meetings that are happening this week. The retreat will set the course for the current school year. With the new superintendent on board, it’s the first formal team building opportunity for the School District’s Executive Board. Carolyn Murray has this:


The Park City School District and the Summit County Sheriff’s office will host an event on Monday for parents and caregivers to learn about issues that threaten the wellbeing of our children. They’ll have an expert talking about the Dark Web, deadly drugs and overall risky elements that are easily accessed through the internet. Carolyn Murray has this:

3095 Homestead Drive, Park City Utah

The Park City School Board approved the purchase of a 3400 square foot home for $870,000 dollars as part of the contract to provide housing for the school district superintendent. Member Petra Butler voted against the purchase outlining several concerns. Carolyn Murray has this:

Carolyn Murray

The Park City School District has held Bike to School Day events for more than a decade but it’s always been in the spring time. This year, the Park City Transportation Department and McPolin Elementary coordinated a companion event for the start of school, rather than at the end. They’re hoping to launch the new school year by encouraging kids and parents to ride safely and ride often.  Carolyn Murray was at the event and has this:

CCT- Megan Zarnetske

We are taught about success in life from the time we are born. As children we grow up having a dominant narrative of what success looks like and if things like race, culture and religion aren’t discussed, people often develop a sense of wrongness when it comes to being different from the mainstream. Park City’s Treasure Mountain Junior High School offers a program for teachers to consider how bias can influence how we interact with others. Carolyn Murray has this:

KPCW reported on Wednesday that the Park City School Board approved a Master Planning Consulting Contract with GSBS Architects in their August 21st school board meeting. KPCW reported the incorrect amount for the contract to be $57,500 dollars for the services. The amount approved by the school board was $265,599 dollars to be paid to the Salt Lake City based GSBS Architectural firm.

Park City School District

The Park City School District approved about $3 million  in safety updates last year. The efforts included automatic door locking systems, elementary school perimeter fencing, entryway reconstruction and new glass installation. The district is struggling to get some of the projects wrapped up due to scheduling sub-contractors.

Park City School District

It’s Back To School in Park City starting Thursday, August 23rd. The Board of Education met for the first time with the new, Park City School Superintendent in place. They approved a tunnel project and a Master Planning consulting contract. With school starting, and the Park and Ride construction project underway on Kilby Road near Ecker Hill Middle School, officials ask everyone to pay attention while driving, walking and cycling in all the school areas. Carolyn Murray has this:

Park City Municipal Corporation

  The Park City School Board will vote on the Memorandum of Understanding with Park City Municipal to install a tunnel under Kearns Boulevard between the High School and the LDS Seminary Building. The school board meeting is Tuesday at 4 pm. Carolyn Murray has this.

Wasatch School Board Passes $45 Million Tax Increase

Aug 20, 2018
Wasatch School District

The Wasatch School District Board of Education voted unanimously to approve a $45 million tax increase. The Truth in Taxation Hearing held on Thursday night attracted about 70 people to the school district offices and nearly 30 people gave public comment.  

The Wasatch School District Business Administrator, Keith Johansen says the average price of a home is assessed higher this year at $441,000 up from $380,000 last year. Johansen explains the levy increases and says the average amount property owners will pay is $140.00 more per year on a $441,000 dollar home. 


The Park City School Board unanimously passed a $5.6 million tax increase on Tuesday evening.  Four of the five public comments given during the hearings expressed concern with the budget increase. Carolyn Murray has this:

The Park City School District Business Administrator, Todd Hauber kicked off the meeting with a presentation outlining the details of how school funding in Utah works. He also supplied a summary of the budget. Details of his presentation can be found on the district website.

Apples Verses Oranges: Mac Verses Chrome Books

Jul 26, 2018

Personal laptops and pads are part of the standard one to one program in the Park City School District. The Technology Director is starting the process of looking at the types of machines that are most cost effective and best suited for student learning. Carolyn Murray has this:

Federal Education Funding Tied To Test Participation

Jul 26, 2018

Changes to Standardized Testing starts this year for all Utah students. The changes overall are considered positive by the Park City School District Administration even though federal funding may be impacted. Carolyn Murray has this:

Utah Schools Face Losing Federal Funds

Jul 24, 2018
Heidi Mathews-UEA President

Federal funding of education for Utah schools is potentially at stake due to changes in standardized testing guidelines. The Our Schools Now education funding initiative will not be on the November ballot. A compromise gas tax increase measure will be there instead. And, Utah has changed Teacher licensure requirements to make it easier to enter the teaching profession.  Carolyn Murray has this update:

Wasatch County School District

The Wasatch School District has hired a new Communications Director. She talks with KPCW about the top three priorities of Safety, Teacher Pay and Literacy.  Carolyn Murray has this:

Communications Director Kirsta Albert started her new job with the Wasatch School District on July 2nd.  The district has 8 schools and about 7000 students enrolled for the fall of 2018. Albert has a background in journalism, marketing and communications with non-profits and children’s programs.