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Everything to do inside of Park City proper.

Park City Institute

The Park City Performing Arts Institute unveiled their upcoming season on Thursday night. Well known celebrities, intellects, artists and entertainers and some less known are in the line up. This year they’re doing a few shows in October just to whet the appetite for performing arts enthusiasts who are waiting for the season to begin in November. Carolyn Murray has this:

The Park City Council is scheduled to consider some changes to special events. All in the name of creating better balance, more predictability and better event management of special events. Melissa Allison has more:

Park Silly Market

The Park Silly Market concluded its 12th season this past weekend. The organizers are happy to report their numbers are up, and this summer represented the first year in a three-year contract with Park City Municipal.

KPCW talked to Park Silly’s Executive Director Kate McChesney and Operations Director Michelle McDonald, who said their overall attendance was up 8%.

The market saw 193,000 people over 14 Sundays—an average of about 14,000.

They reported some other good numbers, including the number of attendees using alternate transit.

For the last year and a half, Park City planners have been working on defining what constitutes an RV – a recreational vehicle, along with other related issues like parking.  The planning staff has been scheduled to present their recommendations to the planning commission a few times but once again, the discussion has been continued. Melissa Allison tells us why:

The Park City Police Department has been participating in a nationwide initiative called Below 100 for about four years. The goal is to get the number of police officers who lose their lives in the line of duty below 100. Melissa Allison has more:

On Tuesday, a dump truck filled with gravel lost its brakes on Marsac Avenue as it was coming down Ontario Canyon south of Park City. It was by all measures a harrowing event that resulted in limited injuries to the truck driver and the driver of the Dodge Pickup truck that was hit. We have reported on the accident and a video of the racing truck can be seen on Park City Municipal has safety systems in place that help prevent this sort of accident from happening more frequently. Carolyn Murray has this:


A Park City resident and Paralympian, Danelle Umsted, is making history on "Dancing With the Stars" this week, becoming its first visually-impaired contestant.

And locals are encouraged to support her with their votes.

We talked to Rob Umsted, Danelle's husband and her guide on the slopes. He said the show has considered her in past years, and finally invited her about a month ago.

He said it will be an interesting challenge both for Danelle and her dance partner, Artem Chigvintsev.

A gravel truck coming down Marsac Avenue lost control of its brakes and crashed at the Deer Valley Roundabout.

Uber Driver Brian Owens was driving down Marsac Avenue Tuesday morning after dropping off a passenger at Montage Deer Valley. He passed a gravel truck on the right side of the road, not unusual for Marsac Ave. Moments later Owens realized the truck behind him was blowing smoke and had lost its brakes.

Tuesday is free day at the Park City Museum which is showing the traveling exhibition, “Once Upon A Playground.” But that’s not all the museum has got going on. Melissa Allison has more:

Park Ave. Utility Lines Are Scheduled For Work In 2020

Sep 24, 2018

Park City public works is in the preliminary stages of replacing the utility lines on Park Ave. The necessary - but impactful  - project is scheduled for 2020.  Melissa Allison has more: