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Utah’s COVID-19 cases have been steadily declining, but Tuesday’s numbers were up over last week’s.

The Utah Department of Health announced 1,411 new COVID-19 cases Tuesday, which is about 100 more cases than the state saw at the same time last week.

The state reported an increase of 9,291 new tests administered. At the beginning of the month the rolling-average of tests coming back positive was around 30%, after a quick decline, the state has been hovering around 19% positivity for over a week.

  Utah saw its lowest daily COVID-19 case count since October, excluding holiday numbers.

The Utah Department of Health announced 859 new COVID-19 cases Monday. Excluding the day after Christmas, the last time daily cases were this low was Oct. 5.

While there were less cases, only 4,174 new tests were administered. The statewide 7-day rolling average for positive tests is around 19%.

Summit County reported 26 new cases. In comparison, last Monday Summit County saw 21 cases.

Summit County

Complaints have appeared in the Snyderville Basin about two different types of “accessory” development.


In his latest visit with KPCW, Summit County Council Member Chris Robinson discussed the two issues. 


County Council Members Doug Clyde and Glenn Wright expressed concerns last week that a proliferation of accessory dwelling units are not fulfilling a need, as county officials hoped.


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Looking ahead to 2021, one of the tasks for the East Side Planning Commission will likely be studying how they can address water quality problems in the Weber River.


The topic came up in a recent joint session between the East Side Commission and the Summit County Council.


The Summit County Health Department is asking the residents to be patient with the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, which has been sluggish so far.


Deputy Health Director Phil Bondurant says the department shares the frustration since it’s getting a limited amount of vaccines. And in the meantime, Gov. Spencer Cox has modified his priorities policy to vaccinate everyone in the state over the age of 70.


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  For people looking for winter recreation, but disappointed with little to no new snow fall, ice fishing can offer a fun alternative. 



In addition to being a family friendly activity, ice fishing also offers a socially distanced, way to spend time outside during the ongoing pandemic

Randy Oplinger is the Sportfish Coordinator with the Division of Wildlife Resources. He said it’s relatively easy to dive into the ice fishing scene. 

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Utah has expanded its vaccine rollout plan to now include school teachers and residents over the age of 70. 

Summit County residents 70-years or older, looking for a COVID-19 vaccine appointment, could have to wait a few weeks to find an open spot, according to Derek Moss with the Summit County Health Department. 




But it’s not a personnel issue, instead it’s a supply problem, which is an issue happening across Utah and the nation. 


The Utah Department of Health reported 1,700 new COVID-19 cases yesterday Saturday, bringing statewide averages, as well as those in Summit and Wasatch Counties, down. 


The Utah Department of Health reported 1,771 new cases of the disease on Saturday, lowering the statewide rolling seven-day average for positive tests to 1,804. The statewide average for the percent of positive tests remains virtually unchanged from earlier in the week and is now at 18.9%.




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The Utah Department of Health says over 222,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses have been administered as of Saturday, but state officials will be making their case to the new Biden Administration for more doses in Utah. KPCW’s Sean Higgins spoke with Utah Lt. Governor Deidre Henderson and has this:


With nearly a quarter-million doses of COVID-19 vaccine reported to be administered statewide, Utah officials will be making a case to the federal government for more vaccines to be shipped to the state.


The Utah Department of Health reported a slight increase in the statewide average of new COVID-19 cases on Friday.


After a steady drop in the statewide averages for positive tests and the percent of positive tests over the past few weeks, those numbers flattened and even increased slightly on Friday.


Friday’s 2,649 cases saw the seven-day average for positive tests rise to 1,860 per day. Thursday’s average of 1,829 was the lowest since early November of last year.


While new COVID-19 cases in the state have continued to decline, Utah Department of Health reported a jump in new deaths Thursday.

Utah’s Department of Health reported 30 new deaths. The department noted that three of the deaths happened before Dec. 31. To date, 1,547 Utahns have died due to COVID-19, including six from Summit County and 16 from Wasatch County.

The Utah Department of Health announced 2,089 new COVID-19 cases Thursday, which is more than 600 fewer cases than the state saw at the same time last week. 

Summit County

On Wednesday, the subject of accessory dwellings such as nightly vacation rentals—and resident complaints about them—came up before the Summit County Council.

During its legislative update, some Council members noted that state legislators aren’t interested in regulating them.


The staff reported that one bill they’re following, HB 82, makes several changes to state law on accessory dwellings. It reportedly calls on cities and counties to classify certain accessory dwellings as a permitted land use.

Air quality on the Wasatch Back was a concern during the summer with smoke from wildfires. But air quality this winter isn’t any worse compared to previous years. 



Instead of waiting in a lobby for an appointment, many establishments are having clients wait in their cars as a COVID-19 mitigation protocol. During the summer people could turn off their cars while waiting, but with below freezing temperatures during the winter, many cars are left idling. 

  The Utah Department of Health announced 2,159 new COVID-19 cases Wednesday, which is more than 700 fewer cases than the state saw at the same time last week. 

The state reported an increase of 10,916 new tests administered. 

Summit County reported 48 new cases. In comparison, last Wednesday Summit County saw 64 cases.




Wasatch County reported 42 new cases. Last Wednesday, the county saw 53.  

  The average number of COVID-19 tests coming back positive in Utah is below 20% for the first time since the beginning of November.




The statewide 7-day rolling average for positive tests 19.9%. The state saw a dramatic increase in positive lab tests at the beginning of this month, when almost a third of all tests were coming back positive. Over the last couple weeks, that percentage has declined.