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Utah State Capitol
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The Summit County Council on March 25th received a report from their staff on the recently-concluded Utah Legislative session.

The county’s advocates on Capitol Hill said it was a slower year than 2019.   They said a lot of their work was trying to mitigate the proposed bills that ‘started out scary” as they put it.

Among the proposals, County Council Member Kim Carson said  that HB 380, sponsored by one of the county’s own legislators, Logan Wilde, was a serious concern.

Utah State Capitol
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A few months ago, it looked like the biggest decision from this year’s Utah Legislature would be a major tax reform package.

Then, just a few days into the 2020 session, it fell apart. 

Last week,  we heard comments about it from Summit County officials, and a major sponsor of the tax reform, District 54 Representative Tim Quinn.

On Wednesday, Summit County Council Member Kim Carson reviewed the story during a report to her colleagues on the 2020 session.  

Summit County Council Member Glenn Wright says they’re keeping an eye on a variety of proposals from the Legislature.    There are a couple of items affecting seniors, a couple on health services, and a gun bill that isn’t as controversial as it first appeared.

Glenn Wright said a Davis County legislator is working on a bill to protect seniors from scams.    The sponsor acted after a constituent was swindled out of $100,000.    Wright added phone scams are frequently reported in Summit County.

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State leaders created the Salt Lake City-Utah Committee for the Games to inform Utah’s preparation for a future Winter Olympics and Paralympics bid. Utah is shooting to host either the 2030 or 2034 Winter Olympics. The U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee chose Salt Lake City in 2018 as a future bid city for the games.


At their regular meeting on Feb 5th , Summit County Council Members heard about a variety of issues—from bills at the Utah Legislature to concerns in Public Input.   

The Council got a briefing on proposed bills at Capitol Hill.   One of those, HB 92, would stop local governments from prohibiting prescribed burns.

Council Member Glenn Wright said they still need to find out more about that legislation.       

The Summit County Council will be keeping an eye on the Utah State Legislature until its scheduled closing on March 12th.

Deputy County Manager Janna Young and Council Member Kim Carson gave a presentation Wednesday to the Council.    

County Manager Tom Fisher said that the county isn’t pursuing any specific pieces of legislation.    That’s in contrast to last year.      

Sen. Allen Christensen

After 16 years representing Utah Senate District 19, Sen. Allen Christensen recently announced he won’t be seeking another term in office. 

North Ogden Republican Allen Christensen told the audience at the Action Utah legislative preview in Park City Wednesday that, after his term ends this year, he won’t run again for the District 19 senate seat he’s held since 2005.

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Utah Gov. Gary Herbert addressed what he believes are myths about the recent tax reform at the Utah Taxpayers Association legislative preview Tuesday. 

The Utah Legislature passed a new tax law in a special session in December. The legislation cut the income tax rate; added income tax credits; and raised or added sales tax to groceries, gas and some services. The policy change results in a net tax cut of $160 million.

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert signed the bill into law shortly after. On Tuesday, he praised legislators’ initiative on tax reform.


A group of Utahns is trying to put a citizen referendum on the November ballot, to overturn the tax bill the state legislature recently passed in a December special session. 

Park City resident Tom Horton has been politically active in Utah since the 1970s, canvassing and fundraising for issues and candidates. Now, he’s gathering signatures for a referendum to undo the Utah legislature’s tax overhaul.

The Utah Legislature recently passed a sweeping overhaul of the state tax system during a special session earlier in December. Utah Gov. Gary Herbert signed the bill into law shortly after. Two Summit County legislators give their take on the bill.

Utah State Capitol
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Some 50 members of the public gave comment at the state legislature’s Tax Restructuring and Equalization Task Force hearing Monday evening. 

The state legislature’s Tax Restructuring and Equalization Task Force met for the final time Monday, and a special session of the full-legislature could be held as soon as this week to approve this sweeping tax reform bill. 

The 199-page draft bill to shore up the state’s general fund includes a $160 million tax cut.

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Katy Owens

Although they won’t officially declare their candidacy until March, hopefuls for seats in the state legislature are getting ready for the race. One Wasatch Back resident wants to make the Nov. 3, 2020 ballot.

Katy Owens is a bit of a policy wonk. She specializes in election consulting and volunteers with the League of Women Voters. She also volunteers with Voterise, a non-partisan organization that registers young voters. Now, she plans to run as a Democrat for Senate District 19 because she wants to see a state legislature that’s more representative of its constituents.

Chris Neville

The 2020 general election is a little less than a year away, but candidates for the state legislature are already gearing up for the race. One Wasatch Back resident has thrown his hat into the ring.

Chris Neville’s campaign for state Senate District 19 is mission-oriented.


The state legislature’s Tax Restructuring and Equalization Task Force met for five hours Tuesday to debate tax reform policy recommendations and take public comment.