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Heber, Midway and Wasatch County


The Utah Department of Health reported no additional COVID-19 deaths on Saturday and single-digit numbers of new cases were reported in Summit and Wasatch Counties.

Saturday saw only two new COVID-19 cases in Summit County, the lowest single-day case count since March 7th, when the county reported no new cases. Wasatch County reported six new cases on Saturday, rebounding from a 12 case day on Friday.

Wasatch County experienced a spike in COVID-19 cases on Friday as statewide case numbers continued to stabilize.


Wasatch County’s 13 cases was the highest single-day number of cases in the county since April 6th, when 14 cases were reported. Previous to that, the county had not seen more than nine cases in a day since March 2nd.


Summit County reported seven new cases on Friday, continuing the county’s downward trend seen since late March.


At the Wasatch County Council’s meeting Wednesday night, Wasatch County Public Health Director Randall Probst provided an overview of how the COVID guidelines have changed with the April 10 expiration of the Utah mask mandate. 


Still, there remain social distancing and mask requirements in place for specific events.


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The Utah Department of Health reported two more COVID-19 deaths on Saturday.


The Health Department said both of Saturday’s reported deaths occurred before March 18th. Neither of the deaths were from either Summit or Wasatch Counties.


To date, 2,159 Utahns have died of COVID-19. 11 have died in Summit County, 21 in Wasatch County.


407 new COVID-19 cases were reported across the state on Saturday. Five new cases were reported in Summit County, three in Wasatch County.

Kathy Kahn FB page / Anonymous Masker

Utah's statewide mask mandate came to an end Saturday. Under a new order effective until June 15th, masks are no longer required in public, but are required at organized events of over 50 people.

The new order specifies an organized event as one arrainged by an event host. Masks will be required if groups of attendees are not able to easily remain six-feet apart.

Masks are still required at state-run facilities like courthouses and liquor stores, as well as schools and hospitals.

Nine more COVID-19 deaths were reported by the Utah Department of Health on Friday as the state health department released a statement urging Utahns to continue wearing masks even after the statewide mandate ends.


Utah’s statewide mask mandate is scheduled to end April 10th and the Utah Department of Health released a statement on Friday urging people in the state to continue wearing masks until more people can be vaccinated.


NVOZ Heber City

A private group of Heber residents have submitted a petition to the city asking that the City Council's North Village Overlay Zone vote taken in March be overturned and put to a voter referendum.


Heber City has accepted the petition, and now it’ll work with the sponsors to create a definition of the NVOZ, an agreed statement of their concerns, and why the city wants the new zone. 


Heber City Councilor Rachel Kahler said Wasatch County approved the land use in 2000.


Heber City

The Heber City Council authorized itself on Tuesday to serve as the city’s community reinvestment board.


The Utah State Legislature recently passed new rules that allow cities to reappropriate tax dollars and invest in community redevelopment agencies (CRAs). 


The CRA works with the school district to take existing tax dollars and reappropriate that money to redevelopment in specific areas identified in Heber City. 


The Utah Department of Health announced 10 more COVID-19 deaths Thursday.


Thursday’s report of 10 COVID-19 deaths was the highest single day count since March 28th, when 13 statewide deaths were reported by the health department.


The four men and six women were all over the age of 65. None were from either Summit or Wasatch Counties. The Health Department specified that four of Thursday’s deaths occurred before March 18th.


Heber City

The Heber City Council meets Tuesday, beginning with a work session at 5 p.m. before the regular session at 7.


The work session starts with a presentation from business owner Clay Coleman. He wants the council to understand the unintended consequences and the high costs that result from the city's new commercial design requirements. 


The Utah Department of Health reported only one COVID-19 death in Utah on Saturday, while both Summit and Wasatch Counties saw single-digit case counts.


Saturday’s lone death was identified as a Utah County man between the ages of 65 and 84. To date, 2,132 Utahns have died of COVID-19, 11 in Summit County, 21 in Wasatch County.


447 new cases were reported across the state on Saturday, bringing the statewide rolling seven-day average for positive tests to 406.


COVID-19 trends continued on Friday with cases in Summit County, Wasatch County, and across the state remaining relatively steady.


Summit County’s 15 cases on Friday and Wasatch County’s six saw both counties continue a plateau in new COVID-19 infections experienced since the beginning of March. 


Summit County has not recorded a day over 20 cases since February 24th and Wasatch County’s last day over 10 cases was March 2nd.


Heber City and the Heber Airport Flightpath team will host a virtual presentation of the airport's master planning process, review data and take input from the public at 6 p.m. on Thursday.


Heber City, under Federal Aviation Administration regulations, cannot restrict planes of any size from landing at the municipal airport. Heber City Manager Matt Brower said pilots could land based on their judgment. 


NVOZ Heber City

Last week, the Heber City Council approved the adoption of the North Village Overlay Zone (NVOZ) in a 3 to 1 vote. Now, a group of about 12 people have challenged the approval and submitted a petition to the city to put the decision on a voter ballot.