Monika Guendner

Host - The Classifieds Show

Monika served as a sales associate in Underwriting and Fundraising for KPCW from 2011 - 2016, but that was after nine years as a volunteer DJ, and most of them as a co-host of the KPCW Classifieds Show. Her background includes everything from running ELIZAS in an immunology lab to waiting tables to writing for newspapers and magazines. Her real passion is creating memes. 

Ways to Connect

courtesy Park City Community Foundation

Go public on this community day of giving by sporting an "I Gave - Live PC Give PC" sticker as your Facebook profile picture or print it out and stick it on yourself!

You can earn your sticker by donating to KPCW here.

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The best way to get better at being on the air is to listen to how other DJs do it. Note their pattern, their tone, what they do and don't do. This page takes snippets some of the on-air hosts and then dissects them into the good and not-so-good. Songs have been cut out to keep the focus on the DJ breaks.




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Music Hour Clock

Oct 16, 2015

With very few exceptions, what comes when during the hour is laid out the same way for every volunteer music shift.

Every hour has

  • a lost and found segment on the half hour,
  • two PSA segments: one at quarter after, one at quarter to
  • Legal ID between 59 minutes after and 1 minute after
  • NPR News from 1 minute after to 6 minutes after

If you're more word-oriented, here is the clock written out:

:01 - NPR starts

:04 - panic-inducing pause in NPR newscast

Challenge Grants

Aug 13, 2015


Businesses are coming out in force to support KPCW - and they are challenging the public to join them and call in.

You can make a donation any time through our website and write the name of the Challenge Grant in the comments box.


courtesy Koty Smith

A two-acre brush fire near Jordanelle Reservoir forced the evacuation of nearly 100 people from their homes Monday afternoon. KPCW's Leslie Thatcher has more.

courtesy Western Spirit Cycling

We have some crazy good deals on our online auction, including

We couldn't have the unique pledge drives we do without the TREMENDOUS support of our business community. Sometimes it's just a quick phone call asking, "You in?" and sometimes it's a longer conversation discussing times, exposure and response. Whatever length of the initial conversation, everyone here at KPCW is so grateful for the businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals who allow our thanks you gifts to be something different from a tote bag or coffee mug.