So far, no cases of the COVID-19 coronavirus have reached Utah, although some Utahns have contracted the virus while abroad.

Today we speak with Clay Karz and DJ Glusker of Roam Robotics. Let’s face it, skiing is hard work and the anaerobic nature of skiing means we have a finite number of runs we can take, and fewer if we are recovering from an injury or if we have the problem of too many birthdays. What if there were a robotic device designed to take some of the pressure or offload weight from your quads and knees to enable seasoned skiers to continue to do the sport they love and have longer ski days?

The 2020 Utah Legislature will finish up on March 12. With two weeks left in the session, lawmakers have yet to hammer out this year’s education funding bill.

Business Administrator Todd Hauber says while recent updates for the state general fund show a shortfall of about $12 million, the general education fund was up by about $77 million, compared to what had been forecasted in December. Income tax in Utah funds education, and Hauber is watching legislation that could allow for different types of income tax reductions.

Summit County Council Member Doug Clyde recaps yesterday’s meeting. Park City School District Business Administrator Todd Hauber has a Legislature update. The Executive Director of Park City Sister City Association Tina Qualye along with  Elle Hopkins and Anna Diamond, two of the students who participated in the recent visit to Park City’s sister city, Courchevel, talk about the exchange and the Executive  Director of Connect Summit County Deanna Rhodes has details about next Monday's free screening of the anti-bullying film Upstanders.

Cool Science Radio welcomes data scientist Alexander Boxer who talks about his new book A Scheme Of Heaven. Algorithms seem to control our daily lives and even determine what shows up in our social media feeds and what we ought to purchase. But in this conversation, we take a look at civilization's first system of algorithms, from Babylon and now to the present. It's the surprising history and scienc eof astrology.

Kimball Art Center and Mark Maziarz


The Park City Council will discuss potential changes to the Kimball Arts Festival Thursday, including freeing the festival for all attendees and expanding the festival’s footprint to more of Main Street. 



Park City Museum


A little more than $1.4 million over 20 years—that’s how much financial support for historic preservation is proposed under the newly negotiated terms between developers in the Flagstaff development agreement and Park City Municipal. The agreement is more than 20 years old, and in the past year, historic preservation advocates have argued that any land-use item under the Flagstaff agreement shouldn’t go forward until developers make good on their responsibilities to shore up and maintain mining structures in Empire Pass.



Utah DWR

Summit County’s District 53 Representative Logan Wilde is sponsoring a House Continuing Resolution to prevent the introduction of wolves into the state of Utah.

Republican Representative Logan Wilde sits on the House Natural Resource committee and introduced the continuing resolution bill 19 to assert a position statement opposing the reintroduction of wolves to Utah.

The annual Wasatch County Republican Party Lincoln Day breakfast took place last Saturday. Candidates for governor delivered their messages to local members of the GOP.

The Mountain Life speaks with Sara Hutchinson, one of the founders of the Hive Family Collective. The Hive, in collaboration with MAHPP (Mothers And Healthcare Practitioners Partnership), exists to support all families. Together they will host monthly speakers focusing on a range of topics around parenthood. The meetings will be held the second Tuesday each month.


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