Summit County

The Jeremy Interchange Roundabout project is starting up in earnest. Summit County Manager Tom Fisher said it’s important for local drivers to stay informed, either by going to the county’s project website, or signing up to get emails.

Fisher told KPCW that the first big disruption on the project will start on Wednesday.

Utah Fire Marshall

With Independence Day Celebrations coming next week, firework season is nearly here.

According to the Utah State Fire Marshall Class C fireworks can be sold now through July 25th.

Discharge of the fireworks is allowed two days before and one day after both Independence Day and Pioneer Day in Utah. You can set off your fireworks between 11:00 am and 11:00 pm on those days. On Independence and Pioneer Days fireworks can be discharged until midnight.

Wasatch County Fire PIO Janet Carson says they have not set any restrictions on fireworks so far this year.

Bear Getting Comfortable In Summit Park Neighborhood

14 hours ago
Karen Madigen

The Division of Wildlife Resources has decided to relocate a young bear that’s been marauding in Summit Park for the last week. KPCW has some details on the sightings and the next steps to transport the animal away from humans.

Karen Madigen is a resident of Summit Park and she’s captured video of several night-time visits onto her property.  Her ring camera shows the bear walking the perimeter of her home.

Fish for Garbage

A Nonprofit is hosting an inaugural garbage cleanup of a popular lake in Wasatch County this Saturday.

Fish for Garbage has been cleaning up the lower Prover River for about five years. This Saturday they’ll be cleaning up Strawberry Reservoir for the first time. Fish for Garbage Secretary Lexi Grimes explains why they’re cleaning up Strawberry.

  The Mountain Life speaks with Rabbi Hayim Herring, Phd. Herring is an author, a blogger, a podcaster and a relationship-builder who works across accepted categories and definitions to create a “third,” better, inclusive way. He talks about how more generations are alive at the same time than ever before, and yet, people are more isolated, lonely and disconnected from each other than ever.



  The Mountain Life talks with Alexandra Rocco PAC, a certified physician’s assistant who specializes in  postmenopausal osteoporosis. She discusses the risks to all women, the tests that can be done and what women, and even men, should do from an early age to prevent osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Alexandra practices at Utah Orthopaedics in the Odgen, Utah area. 

Utah Department of Transportation

The official public hearing for the Utah Department of Transportation SR 248 environmental assessment happens Wednesday. It’s a chance for Park City community members to learn more about what’s in the assessment and to make their voices heard.

Executive Director, Wendy Fisher of Utah Open Lands talks about the announcement recently made by Kerry Armstrong, her intention to donate  the Red Barn Property, a 13 acre parcel in Thaynes Canyon to Park City as permanent open space. She also talks about the $1 million still needed to preserve the 16 acre Snow Ranch Pastures property. Park City Manger Diane Foster gives a preview of Thursday’s council meeting including an annexation discussion on the town of Hideout. Brad Greeno and Lexi Grimes of Brighton Anglers talk about the Fish For Garbage Day planned for Saturday.

Acoustic duo Hot Tuna will be on the Egyptian Stage for three days this week.

The Thursday-Saturday performances is the Americana band’s second visit to the Egyptian Theatre.

Jorma Kaukonen of Hot Tuna says he and Jack Casady have played music with each other since they were teens.

Summit County Sheriff's Department

The Summit County Sheriff’s department is asking citizens to educate themselves, to guard against the persistent problem of vehicle burglaries in the Basin.

Sheriff Justin Martinez noted they are even talking about the problem with Salt Lake news media.

The vehicle burglaries have been plaguing local trailheads in particular. Sheriff Martinez said it’s a shame that thieves are preying on people who are hiking or biking on the Basin trail system.