Utah Transit Authority

The Ecker Hill park n ride lot on Kilby Road has been underway for a couple of weeks now. We checked in with County Transportation Manager Caroline Rodriguez for an update.

Rodriguez said in its first two weeks, the Ecker Hill lot saw about 250 boarding’s on transit.

She said it is normal for such uses to start off slowly.

Park City Institute

This Sunday, the Park City Institute is bringing author Bob Woodward to the Eccles Center. Woodward is best known one of the legendary journalists whose reporting on the break-ins to the Democratic Convention at the Watergate Hotel and the cover up that followed; led to the resignation of the United States 37th President, Richard Nixon. Woodward spoke with KPCW about what he has in store for his presentation on Sunday.

D Ramey Logan

The Summit County Council Wednesday voted to modify their Amended Development Agreement for the Canyons Resort Area.

They agreed to extend some deadlines in the Agreement, which the county approved a year ago, almost to the day. The vote doesn’t change the substance of two conditions the resort has to meet—it just doesn’t require their completion by the end of 2018.

Summit County

The Park City Police Department conducts canine searches from time to time. They schedule them under the coordination of the school district and use the Summit County Sheriff’s canine resources.  They did a search on Monday with the dog teams in the high school parking lot and school lockers.  Carolyn Murray has this:

The Park City Police Department randomly deploys the canine team to search for drugs on school property. Phil Kirk is a captain with the Park City Police Department. He said the dogs detected vape pens in two vehicles in the parking lot at the high school.

Summit County

In their last regular meeting of the year, the Summit County Council approved a budget for 2019 Wednesday night, after no one appeared to give public comment.

The only discussion council had before approval was whether to allocate $100,000 in Transient Room tax monies toward an economic development project in the North Summit area.

The issue came up due to a proposal from County Development Director Pat Putt for a Summit Scenic Heritage Byway.

The budget has proposed allocating $100,000 in TRT monies for a study to look at enhancing the Rail Trail.


Several bomb threats were made via email throughout the U.S. including threats in Park City and Wasatch County. After some searching and discussions with other agencies law enforcement officials have determined that the threat is illegitimate.

Park City Police Chief Wade Carpenter said they first received word of a threat this morning to a business near Prospector Square, Heber City Offices also received a threat, as did a business in the Silver Creek Busines. Chief Carpenter said they’ve determined the threat as a hoax.

On today’s program, Summit County Council member Doug Clyde has a recap of Wednesday's meeting, the county council’s final meeting of the year. Award Winning Journalist Bob Woodward visits Park City on Sunday. He talks about his new book, FEAR – Trump in the White House and some of today’s issues and Youth Sports Alliance Executive Director Emily Fisher and Development Director Jana Dalton talk about athletes who are alums of the programs and now competing on the World Cup circuit this year as well as a general end of the year wrap up.

The Miseducation of Artificial Intelligence is the title of Clive Thompson's article on the cover of the artificial intelligence issue of Wired Magazine. He joins Cool Science Radio to discuss how a little common sense just makes good sense and is what seems to be lacking in the world of AI. 

Joining us in the studio is Sarah Ervin - she is the community coordinator for Bambino, a mobile app that helps match babysitters to parents and, well, ultimately their kids. With the busy season for babysitters just about to begin - we thought we’d have Sarah explain how, through integrated social networks, parents are connected to babysitters right in their own neighborhood, who have already been reviewed and recommended by friends and neighbors. 

Jake Merrell is the CEO and Founder of XO Nano which is based in Provo. One of the products of the company is pressure sensing smartfoam. What does that mean? Some example products include: electric battery spacers, pressure sensing beds, in-shoe scale, gaskets, smartfoam sensors in helmets, and robotic skin. Jake Merrell joins Cool Science Radio to tell us about it.