The public comment period for the Heber Valley Corridor study closed Wednesday. The next step for the study is gathering the funds for the environmental study.

UDOT Engineer Jeremy Bown explains how the planning study recommendation differs from the public input received.


On April 16th, the consultants who are developing a master plan for the Park City School District will present several options to the Board of Education. Then, the public will have at least a month to let the board know what they think about the ideas and the costs to implement them.

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The newest addition to Park City Municipal’s legal team, Special Counsel Margaret Plane started earlier in March, bringing a long list of experiences with her. 

Moose Are Prevalent In Park City's Neighborhoods

14 hours ago
Joanna Kahn


The Park City Police department received five calls involving moose last week. They all are related to the large animals wandering neighborhoods and causing a variety of safety issues for residents.

The wildlife calls came in over five days. One concerned resident in Park Meadows told dispatch that a moose was seen limping through the neighborhood streets foraging on trees.

Another Park Meadows resident on Quaking Aspen was concerned about a moose that had taken up residence for about a week in their front yard and was threatening their dogs.

A little more than 100 residents showed up on Wednesday evening to the Public Visioning Workshop as part of the Envision Heber 2050 initiative.

The event was the first of three public input meetings for the update to Heber City’s general plan. The evening was led by a consultant for the project Christie Oostema she explained why the city is seeking public engagement in the visioning process.

On today’s program, Summit County Assistant Manager Janna Young has a legislative recap. Park City Special Counsel Margaret Plane talks about her background in social equity and why she joined Park City's legal team and Park City Sustainability Manager Luke Cartin explains the Community Renewable Energy Act that Park City and Summit County helped draft - and  pass - this legislative session.

Our guest is Dr. Roger Sedjo who has written Surviving Global Warming: Why Eliminating Greenhouse Gases Isn’t Enough. Sedjo is a shared recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize. He makes a compelling case that doing more of the same, by focusing only on the mitigation plan of the Paris Agreement, will leave humanity increasingly vulnerable. He argues we must begin planning adaptation strategies—Plan B—which enable societies to anticipate and protect against the worst effects of inevitable climate change.

Rod Pyle is our guest; he has written Interplanetary Robots, the True Stories of Space Exploration. Exploring the planets has been a goal of America's space program since the dawn of the space race. This insider's perspective examines incredible missions of robotic spacecraft to every corner of our solar system and beyond.

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The Park City water quality department has recently had its research published on how to prevent a situation that Sandy City recently went through – when heavy metals were released throughout the city’s drinking water. 

On two separate occasions, residents living in Thaynes Canyon and Iron Canyon experienced a situation very similar to what happened recently in Sandy City – their drinking water became unpotable due to heavy metal contamination.

Vail CEO Rob Katz addressed a standing-room-only crowd at the Santy Auditorium for the Community Leadership Lecture Monday. Katz took questions from the audience for about half an hour, on topics ranging from employment to the skiing experience.