Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin spoke with the Senate Banking Committee last Tuesday.  At that meeting Powell reiterated his view that Congress may have to authorize additional spending to prevent long-term damage to the economy. 

Commercial Real Estate Impacts from COVID-19

9 hours ago

Jan Wilking has been instrumental in the evolution of Park City from a declining mining town to the premier world class resort it is today.  Jan has been a commercial relator in Park City and has intimate knowledge of Park City's businesses, political climate, residents and real estate.  With his background and experience Mountain money felt he could provide insight to us and our listeners about the commercial real estate landscape today.

Root Revival: Helping Your Backyard Garden

9 hours ago

Mia Yue and Alex Schenck join Mountain Money to talk about their company, Root Revival.  Root Revival builds, installs, plants and teaches anyone who's interested how to have a backyard vegetable garden. The goal of Root Revival is to build infrastructure for Park City and surrounding areas to be more involved with their food systems.

Cada Domingo - Diego Zegarra

20 hours ago

Park City Community Foundation has launched a Community Fund Response in order to lessen the financial impact the closing of businesses will incur. Diego Zegarra, Social Impact Director at PCCF joins us to discuss the effects and impacts of the fund, talk about some of the organizations that are providing aid to community members during the COVID-19 crisis, and community initiatives to help those being impacted most severely. 

Cada Domingo - Dalia Gonzalez

21 hours ago

Dalia Gonzalez is the new Multicultural Communications and Outreach Specialist for Summit County. We talk about Summit County's decision to lower the risk level from an Elevated Risk level (Orange) to Low Risk level (Yellow), and what that means for residents of Summit County.  

Dalia Gonzalez es la nueva Especialista de Comunicaciones y Alcance para el Condado de Summit. Hablamos con ella de la desición del Condado de Summit de bajar de un nivel de Riezgo Elevado (Naranja)  a Riezgo Bajo (Amarillo), y lo que significa para residentes del Condado de Summit. 

Cada Domingo - Rachelle Flynn

21 hours ago

Rachelle Flinn, Physician's Assistant and Clinical Services Manager with The People's Health Clinic joins us with an update on  COVID-19, and to discuss the desicion to lower the county's threat level from Orange (Moderate Risk) to Yellow (Low Risk). 

Rachelle Flinn, Enfermera Avanzada y Gerente de Servicios Clinicos con La Clinica de la Gente nos acompana de nuevo para actualizarnos del COVID-19. Discutimos las ultimas noticias en el condado de Summit, y para discutir la desición de bajár el nivel de riezgo en el condado del Naranja (Riesgo moderado) al Amarillo (Riesgo Bajo). 

Cada Domingo - Trudy Brereton & Juri Jenson

21 hours ago

Following a week after the state continues with the plan for economic recovery by slowly opening back up, Wasatch County has decided to lower the threat level from Orange (Moderate Risk) to Yellow (Low Risk). We chat with Trudy Brereton and Yuri Jensen as interpreter about what this means for residents of Wasatch County. As always, it is important to continue to practice social distancing, good hygiene, and preventative measures during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Park City Chamber and Visitors Bureau

Park City Council met Thursday and voted in favor of funding member dues to the Central Wasatch Commission. They showed support for the Historic Main Street Alliance plan to implement car-free Sundays through the summer season and unanimously passed a resolution making June 2020, Pride Month.

In coordination with President Donald Trump’s proclamation, Gov. Gary R. Herbert has ordered the lowering of the flag of the United States of America and the flag of the State of Utah on Sunday, May 24, 2020 to honor the victims of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Gov. Herbert issued the following statement:


During Thursday’s meeting, Park City Council heard more details on cutting $8.6 million from the 2021 budget.

Park City operating budget discussions outlined specific ways they plan to respond to the loss of tax revenue. It’s a first ever provisional budget for the city which means they’ll review it again in 60 to 90 days. March numbers came in about $200,000 above the projected revenue.