1. Direct Play
2. Download playlist
To listen in iTunes or Windows Media Player, download the .m3u file. Open the file and it should open in your preferred media player.
Download MP3 Playlist File
3. Play direct in browser
Some browsers will open the following link and play: Play Direct Stream
If you have trouble hearing our broadcast, here are some things to try/check:
Determine if your system can play MP3 files and/or Ogg files.
If your media player (iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp, etc.) can play MP3 and/or Ogg files you can enter the URL to our direct audio stream. For example, in Windows Media Player you go to the File Menu and select Open URL. Then you’d enter one of these URLs:
For the MP3 stream enter:
For the Ogg stream enter:
Then click on Connect.
If your media play cannot play MP3 and/or Ogg files you can download a player than can. For the Windows platform a lot of folks use the free Winamp player. Their website is here: