Fire Restrictions Does Not Stop Some Visitors From Celebrating The 4th In Park City

Jul 5, 2018

Park City Police reported nearly 30,000 visitors poured into Park City on July 4th to celebrate the nations birthday. Plenty of people lined up on Main Street for the annual parade. KPCW spoke with a few visitors to ask them their thoughts on the fireworks and open flame bans in Park City and Summit County.

Dallas, Texas resident Chris said he was unaware of the fireworks ban but thought it was a good idea.

“We go to certain areas to blow them up in Dallas, of course people can blow them up wherever they want. But, I’d say better safe than sorry because nothing would suck more than lighting this place on fire”

Most of the people KPCW spoke with were in favor of the ban. Though one woman said she thinks people should be allowed to “blow-up whatever they want” she declined to be recorded.

Although most visitors were unaware of the restrictions, Leslie Younglove from Riverside, California was very informed about the bans.

“I know that there’s no fireworks allowed. No open flame, unless it’s in a fire-pit. No smoking in outdoor areas. My dad was a fireman, so we’re very conscious of any fire restrictions. I think it’s a good thing.”

Visitors from Utah were more aware of the extreme danger throughout the state and in favor of the fireworks ban. Here’s Matt and Josh from Davis County.

“I think it’s a good idea, especially with all the fires” Matt said, “(The) Dollar ridge fire, Oh yeah, I wish they had the same restrictions down in, where we are, in Davis County.”

“If it’s controlled like what (Park City) going to be doing then yeah that’s fine. But I don’t have any problems with (…) restricting it.” Josh chimed in.

Matt said “Unfortunately, there’s a lot of people that don’t use common sense. If we could guarantee everyone would use common sense I’d be all for (lifting the ban). Too many stupid stuff can happen.”

Park City enacted their restrictions on June 21st. Summit County enacted their restrictions on July 3rd.

Park City visitors weren’t completely denied of fiery explosions, A fireworks display was set off at Park City Mountain Resort at dusk.