Summit County Sheriff's Office

The Ecker Hill Park n Ride lot on Kilby Road has been open for nearly a week. We talked ot the county’s Public Works Director, Derrick Radke, about what that means for local citizens.

Radke said he parking lot has a little over 450 spaces.

However, there have been some concerns expressed about a site, with a lot of strangers parking across the street from Ecker Hill Middle School.

County spokeswoman Krachel Murdock reviewed how the county wound up on that site. Radke said they’re aware of the concerns.

The State of Utah saw final county canvass results posted Tuesday afternoon. There was a blue wave in Summit County but there’s partially because there were no Republican candidates.

Residents of Summit County voted for seven county officials but of those seven races only one political party was represented. Summit County Sheriff Justin Martinez says he’d like to see more participation.

Summit County

Snow is in the forecast. We talked to Summit County’s Public Works Director, Derrick Radke, about what to do to prepare your front yards for the county plows.

Radke told KPCW that county plow drivers have a right-of-way corridor where they are entitled to pile snow—even if some homeowners may want to limit that.

Park City Professional Ski Patrol Association

With opening day for Park City Resort tomorrow, the Park City Professional Ski Patrol Association and Vail resorts contract has expired. Members of the union will be at work tomorrow but representatives from the union and the resort company are working to have a new deal done soon.

"Skip" Roberts

Outdoorsman and extreme skier Andrew McLean has pled Guilty, and his wife, Assistant Park City Attorney Polly McLean, has pled No Contest, on charges relating to their arrest earlier this year for absconding with hunting equipment.

The couple entered into a Plea in Abeyance agreement with prosecutors last week in Salt Lake’s Third District Court.

Dave Nicholls

A Park City resident made history yesterday as he becomes the first paraplegic to compete in an able-bodied bobsled competition.

The International Bobsleigh and Skelton Federation is holding the North Americans cup in Park City this week. One of those competing at the Utah Olympic Park is Park City resident Dave Nicholls.

Chris Cherniak with guest host Katy Wang have a great show today. Summit County continues to expand their implementation of renewable energy, this time with the installation of solar panels and vehicle charging stations at the Transit Center and Richins Building.  The County's Sustainability Program Manager, Lisa Yoder, joins us to discuss these installs and several other projects the county has going on with respect to electrical energy retrofits and the savings they provide.

On todays show we have a look ahead at the upcoming season in an interview with Park City Mountain COO Bill Rock. Summity County Council Member Doug Clyde is in with a recap of yesterday's special council meeting. Recycle Utah Director Carolyn Wawra gives us her monthly recycling update and finally Park City High School Senior Daniel Barnhardt,who was appointed the to the new inaugural State Board of Education Student Advisory Council, talks about the expectations of his new position.

Park City School District

Park City Board of Education member Petra Butler is resigning from the Park City School District Board of Education. Park City School Board President Andrew Caplan made the announcement at this morning’s (Tuesday’s) school board meeting.

Park City Municipal

The recent news for Park City’s Water Department includes their multi-million-dollar project to address the mine-tunnel water supply. Also, a Water Quality Manager with the city received an award from her peers.

The Park City council recently approved $11 million in water projects to treat the water coming out of the Spiro and Judge Tunnels. That tab for the city could ultimately be tens of millions.