Summit County Sheriff's Department

The Summit County Sheriff’s office got a report last week that the rental of a unit on Airbnb went bad, as thousands of dollars’ worth of appliances and furniture were stolen.

Officers received a complaint about a townhouse unit at NewPark which was rented out from November 4th to the 7th. Sheriff’s Lt. Andrew Wright said that on the morning of the 7th, a property manger conducted a customary inspection of the unit, within an hour after the renter checked out, and found it was stripped of a lot of items.

The decision to determine the future of the Kimball Special Event Center outdoor deck has been taken out of the Park City planning commission’s hands and turned over to Planning Director Bruce Erickson. That comes after the Park City council remanded the project be returned to the planning commission.  Leslie Thatcher has more.

North Ogden City

Brent Taylor, a major in the Utah National Guard and Mayor of North Ogden, who was killed in Afghanistan November 3rd, is being remembered by family, friends and colleagues.

One of those is Tom Fisher, a Brigadier General in the National Guard and Summit County Manager, who said the news about Taylor hits him on a personal level.

Fisher talked to KPCW about Taylor, while the Mayor’s remains are scheduled to arrive in Salt Lake Wednesday afternoon at the Wright Air National Guard Base in Salt Lake.

Summit County Sheriff's Department

Three cars had their windows smashed and things stolen last evening at a trailhead parking lot.

Lt. Andrew Wright says that the sheriff’s department received reports on Tuesday evening that three cars were broken into at the Run-A-Muk trailhead in the Snyderville Basin.

The Park City Council recently approved spending more than $11-million for water quality projects - mandated by state and federal requirements. And while that's a lot of money - it's much less than the city thought it would have to spend. Leslie Thatcher has more.

Instructors in the Park City School District are excited that they are one of the only districts in the country offering a computer ‘coding’ program to elementary grades.

Mike Burton teaches coding, K-5 at Trailside Elementary, he told KPCW that it’s basically, an understanding of computer science.

If you enjoyed the story told by the book and film Hidden Figures, put this book on your reading list. The Woman Who Smashed Codes tells the very true story of Elizebeth Smith Friedman, who along with her husband William..... were the greatest code-breaking team ever.

I love historical fiction but in this case The Woman Who Smashed Codes  is historical but very, very factual.

Krischelle Hansen

Park City High School presents the student production of Mamma Mia this week at the Eccles Center. KPCW”s Leslie Thatcher has more.

Park City High School Drama Coach Krischelle Hansen says opening night is Thursday.

“Our opening night is Thursday, November 15th at 7 o’clock, 16th at 7 o’clock and 17th at 2 o’clock and 7 o’clock.”

Audtions were open to all students – about half of the 60 who auditioned she says are involved in some way…

Pete Stoughton of the Christian Center joins Tim Henney and Lynn Ware Peek to talk about a group of students who come to town each year, primarily from the southern hemisphere, who search out viable and affordable places to live for four months. Pete talks about what we can do as a community to help house these young people. 

 Dr. Michael Roizen of will lead us through some possible interactions and ways to improve your body’s reaction to supplements and vitamins. Taking a statin? You will want to add Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). Taking a medication for allergies or inflammation? Consider adding vitamin D and calcium. Dr. Michael Roizen is the Chief Wellness Officer of the Wellness Institute at the Cleveland Clinic, he’s also the chief medical consultant to the Dr. Oz Show and a best-selling author of 14 books.