Cada Domingo - Diego Zegarra

Sep 1, 2019

Diego Zegarra is the Social Equity Director for the Park City Community Foundation.

Diego Zegarra is the Social Equity Director of the Park City Community Foundation.   The Foundation, in partnership with Park City Municipal Corporation, has spent more than a year on research, work and information gathering to further the vision of a complete community where everyone has access to opportunities and is respected, included, and empowered.  This work has occurred in direct response to Park City Council's most recent critical priority: Social Equity.

Zegarra gives us an update on the Community Social Equity Strategic Plan. The plan is the result of over a year of work by multiple stakeholders. Using the tenets of collective impact, Park City Community Foundation has convened government, businesses, and philanthropy to jointly address some of the greatest challenges our community faces, larger than any one sector could effectively have an impact on.  This is meant to be a living, breathing document that will evolve as more is learned about our community, the disparities that lie therein, and achieving equitable outcomes.