Hideout Homeowners to Decide on Purchase of Outlaw Golf Club

May 5, 2021

Credit Hideout Town

Hideout homeowners have to decide whether to purchase a golf course in their community. If they don’t, the current owner says he will sell to someone else.


The Outlaw Golf Club at Hideout Canyon is a 9-hole golf course on roughly 60 acres of land on the northwest shore of the Jordanelle Reservoir.


According to documents obtained by KPCW, the golf course’s owner, Mustang Development, offered to sell the course to the town for $9.5 million, saying that is much less than the market value of $13.5 million.


As part of the offer, Mustang Development would provide financing for the sale and the town would be responsible for minimum payments of $300,000 this year, $350,000 in 2022, and $400,000 for each subsequent year. A $300,000 per year management fee that increases 3.5% annually is also part of the offer.


Bob Martino, the original developer and former mayor of Hideout, sent a letter to homeowners saying the town’s purchase of the land would provide the opportunity to preserve it as community-owned open space.


Martino wrote “there is a vocal minority in the community” that views him with suspicion and he contemplated retracting his offer. However, he decided to give the community the first opportunity to purchase the golf course. 


KPCW reached out to representatives for Mustang Development, the homeowners association, the town council, and Mayor Phil Rubin, but none responded to a request for comment on the offer.


Several Hideout homeowners were also contacted by KPCW, they declined to comment on the offer as well.


According to the information sent to KPCW, 67% of the HOA’s voting interests must vote in favor of the offer before the deadline of Thursday, May 6th. If the HOA does not accept the offer, Mustang Development has said they will offer the property to other interested parties.