PC Native Highlights Women Owned Local Businesses

Jun 4, 2019

A new group launching an identity on Social Media is made up of local, home-grown Park City businesses, all owned by women.

Blaire Isleib, operator of the Flight Boutique on Main Street, said they launched the group under the hashtag PCNative.

“There's a bit of bigger corporations moving in and we're still here,” Isleib explained. “So, we just wanted to remind the public and our visitors that we are locally owned, and women owned too.”

Isleib said that the hashtag was a way to connect the group.

“It's one way for all of us to put it on all of our social channels our marketing channels to show that we are our own little tribe as well,” Isleib said. “We're all supporting each other.”

Another member, Ashley Williams of Mary Jane’s said it’s a way to draw the community together.

And Maren Mullen, from Gallery Mar, said they have 20 members, including some at Kimball Junction.

“One thing that's uniting us is of course the hashtag, but we all have these fabulous new window clings now,” Mullen continued. “That say hashtag PC local. So, you can walk up to a door and you'll know exactly if it's one of these women owned, locally started, hiring local people, paying for all of our kids to go to daycare and school here in Park City community focused business.”