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Historic Park City Alliance President John Kenworthy invited Summit County Communities that Care Coordinator Mary Christa Smith to a recent HPCA meeting to talk about the importance of, well, talking—about mental health among Main Street employees. 

Flanagan’s owner John Kenworthy says until recently, the only way to address mental health issues in Summit County was by checking yourself into the jail. Now, the area has many support services, and Kenworthy says it’s time the community gets comfortable having a conversation about mental health.

Town of Hideout

The Town of Hideout, which borders the Jordanelle Reservoir in Wasatch County, is in the process of creating an annexation policy plan, to guide its growth for the next 20 years. 

Much like a municipality’s general plan, an annexation policy plan provides direction for a city or town’s long-term vision and is required by state statute. The plan anticipates growth and land-use needs, but it doesn’t mean a municipality will take action and annex the land at any point. Multiple municipalities can share the same areas within their annexation expansion areas.

Park City Municipal Corporation

The City selected Robb Woulfe to oversee aspects of the Arts and Culture District’s development, alongside the Kimball Art Center and Sundance Institute, the City’s partners on the project. Woulfe’s responsibilities include program design, governance, operations and more.

Park City Mayor Andy Beerman says Woulfe’s expertise in arts and culture will benefit Park City’s residents and visitors.

A new Spider-Man film is out, and though there have been a handful of films featuring the web-slinging superhero--even played by a few different actors--you don't need to have seen every one of them to understand the latest iteration. You may, however, have to have watched a dozen other Marvel films to know what's going on. Casual superhero movie watcher Wendy Gourley and Marvel Cinematic Universe enthusiast Emily Means discuss Spider-Man: Far From Home.

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Slip and slides, water balloons and popsicles fill kids’ summer days. But the Park City Library wants to encourage kids—and their parents—to keep up with reading and other school subjects during the summer with the Library’s “Summer Slide” event. 

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Ski industry legend Bob Wheaton was honored by the Park City Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau with the 2019 Myles Rademan Spirit of Hospitality Award Tuesday, at the Chamber/Bureau’s 37th annual meeting. 

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Park City Municipal hosted an open house Monday for a possible affordable housing project on 100 Marsac Avenue. Vocal residents who attended the meeting responded to the proposal for the site in mostly the same way. 

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The Park City Council addressed publicly for the first time the Utah Department of Transportation’s State Route 248 project at the Council meeting Thursday, hours before the public comment period ended. 

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After a 30-day comment period and one public hearing, Park City community members had one last opportunity to express their feelings on the SR 248 corridor project at the Park City Council meeting Thursday. 

“It’s going to decrease property values throughout Prospector."

"Squeezing the balloon—you know what happens when the balloon gets full? Pop!"

"I think it’s important that the Council comes out and says that the plan proposed by UDOT is not acceptable.”

Utah State Capitol
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As the Legislature’s tax reform task force tours the state, without making a stop along the Wasatch Back, the Utah House Democrats have also been hosting their own town halls to hear from the public what they’d like to see in the state’s tax restructuring efforts.

Soon after the legislative session ended this spring, House Democrats launched a series of public meetings to engage Utahns in the tax reform discussion. District 28 Rep. Brian King feels the public didn’t know why the State was talking about tax reform and how it would impact them.

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A water main break in Park City's Old Town Thursday night caused the road to collapse at the intersection of Park Ave. and Trapper’s Way and a middle-of-the-night response by emergency services and Park City utilities departments. 

The Park City Fire District was dispatched to Park Ave and 5th Street around 9:30 Thursday night. Park City police officers transported sandbags from public works to the scene to route the water down Trapper’s Way. While the Park City water department worked to fix the leak, the line ruptured and caused large amounts of water to run down the street.

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Park City Manager Diane Foster recently met with Summit County Manager Tom Fisher and Hideout Town Manager Jan McCosh to discuss each party’s interest in including unincorporated areas of Summit County in the municipalities’ annexation policy plans. Hideout’s plan would nearly triple the size of the town, with boundaries extending to Jordanelle Reservoir and encompassing the Quinn’s Junction area. Annexation policy plans outline possibilities for long-term expansion to accommodate growth—they don’t detail actions that will occur.

Laura Diaz Moore

A person with kidney disease could wait for a transplant from a deceased donor for years until the right match is found. But a donation from a living donor can speed up the process and improve a patient’s quality of life much faster. One Park City community member recently triggered the life-saving surgeries of four kidney patients with her donation.

Laura Diaz Moore donated her kidney in May to a complete stranger.

“I’d do it again in a heartbeat," Diaz Moore said. "I received so much love and support from everyone in the community, and it was just a great experience.”

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The Park City Planning Commission will participate in a work session Wednesday to discuss the City’s annexation policy. 

The Park City Council recently instructed Planning staff to include unincorporated City-owned land in its annexation expansion area, which informs the City’s annexation policy plan. Park City Planning Director Bruce Erickson says that was only the first step in a long to-do list toward annexation.

Park City Fire District

Two cleaning employees at Park City Mountain Resort’s Red Pine Lodge were transported to the University of Utah burn unit Monday morning, after a chemical cleaner spilled. 

Park City Fire District spokesperson Tricia Hurd Hazelrigg says the department responded to a call from the Red Pine Lodge at the Canyons Resort when an employee misused a container of drain cleaner in pellet form.