Bright Futures Students Start Up In August: Volunteers Needed

Jul 9, 2019

Credit Bright Futures 2017 / Park City Education Foundation

The Park City Education Foundation has funded the Bright Futures program for three years and celebrated the first graduating class this spring with more than 20 students heading off to college. They’re looking for volunteers to help in August, with the summer session which kicks off the newest emerging class of Bright Futures students.

It’s a week-long academy for low income kids who have been accepted in the Bright Futures Program. Park City Education Foundation Associate Director, Jen Billows says the program starts the kids off preparing them to get into college, but it also supports them through their college years. Statistics show that first generation college kids are twice as likely to leave school after three years than kids whose parents had bachelor’s degrees.

“You know, Bright Futures is our first-generation college mentoring program. So, it’s for low-income kids, mostly Hispanic, in our town. And these are the rising tenth graders. So, you have to apply to get into the Bright Futures program and you go to a week-long set of classes that talks about all kinds of things for college preparation to kind of get you ready for the next three years.”

Applications for next year’s Bright Futures tenth grade class are still being accepted. The Ed Foundation needs volunteers for the week of August 5th through the 9th          to help with the incoming class.  A sign up is available on their website or on their Facebook page. The links can be found on

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