Business Reaction To Mandatory Masks

Jun 28, 2020

As we’ve reported, Summit County has called for a mandatory mask order.

Even before the news became official, there was reaction from the local business community.

Park City Chamber/Bureau Director Bill Malone said he’s looked at several communities to see how they’re dealing with the debate over masks.

He conducted an informal poll, and heard some different reactions from local business people.      

“And there’s a definite feeling on the part of many of them that a mandatory mask program would be welcomed from the standpoint of—that it’d take the onus off the business.  Cause right now that business has to make that call, and the business is very empowered to say, ‘No one can come in here without a mask.”  And many businesses would like to say that, and are hesitant to do that, just because they don’t want to be the police.  I hear from other businesses that definitely think it should remain in the business realm of that business making the call, as to how they want to operate in that fashion.  I know everyone is encouraging it.   I think the debate then comes down to, people see non-compliance on that request, and how do you move from there.”

Park City Chamber/Bureau Director Bill Malone.