COVID-19 Curbside Pickup Spots on Main Street Will be Permanent, Says HPCA

Jul 21, 2021

Free 15-minute curbside pickup spaces will remain in place on Main Street after a vote from the Historic Park City Alliance this week.
Credit Park City Municipal Corporation

Several free parking spots were set up on Park City’s Main Street for curbside pickups at local businesses at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. This week, the Historic Park City Alliance voted to keep those spots around permanently.


In an effort to support local businesses after the spring 2020 COVID-19 lockdowns, The Historic Park City Alliance, in conjunction with Park City Municipal, created five temporary Main Street parking spaces available for free 15-minute curbside pickup.


At Tuesday’s HPCA board meeting, the organization voted to continue to use the spots as short-term curbside pickup locations into the future.


HPCA Executive Director Ginger Wicks told KPCW the five spots currently available will be reduced to three. No other changes to the program are expected.


“There’s currently three down by Atticus, and in speaking with Atticus, we felt like one was really only needed down there, so that will be the only adjustment,” said Wicks. “The one behind Riverhorse and then the other one up by Kuhl will stay in place and the city will work to create some permanent signage around those.”


Final approval of the drop-off parking plan will be by the Park City Council. Their next meeting is scheduled for August 19th.