Heber Police Issue Alert After Several Cars Are Stolen In The Heber Valley

Dec 10, 2018

Credit Heber City Police Department

Several cars stolen in the Heber Valley has law enforcement and residents on high alert.

The Heber City Police Department is issuing an alert after several vehicles in Wasatch County have been stolen. At least one Midway resident had his truck stolen and four others had their vehicles broken into. Heber Detective Tammy Thacker said they’re not reporting the exact number of vehicles taken but it’s happened across the Heber Valley.

“We’ve had several taken over the last 24 hours." Detective Thacker said, "It appears some had keys, some didn’t have keys in them. There’s not one area that got hit harder than the other. Just Wasatch County, and all of them were taken during the day. There’s really no pattern they’re just missing. Some were in the morning, some in the afternoon, but it was all during the day not at night.”

Thacker reminds listeners that cars are particularly susceptible to theft this time of year.

“It’s that time of the year where there’s a lot of auto burglaries anyways." Detective Thacker explained, "Just a good reminder, don’t leave your keys in your car. Don’t leave your cars unlocked. Don’t leave possessions in your car. Don’t leave your purse in the car. Don’t leave anything of value basically and lock your cars.”

Thacker asks that people report any suspicious activity to law enforcement wherever they are.

“If they see something suspicious, or somebody looking suspicious around vehicles or around houses, let us know. See something, say something.”