Oakley Moratorium On Development Ending Soon--Report On Results To Follow

Jan 15, 2021

Credit Courtesy Oakley City Website

Last July, Oakley City implemented a development moratorium in order to update their Land Management Code.

The six months for the freeze will be up next week, and results will be unveiled for citizens.

Utah law allows Temporary Zoning Moratoriums for six months.     Oakley’s halt on all subdivision applications and building permit approvals went into effect on July 23rd.

City planner Stephanie Woolstenhulme said the city thought it was time to review and update their General Plan and their Land Use Code.

She said the city’s Planning Commission met twice a month on the revisions.      

“So just taking in everything that we want to do, related to land use management and development, and making sure that it’s written how we envision for our city, but also that it’s complaint with state code.”

Woolstenhulme talked about some of the changes in the code.      

“The new code will be a lot more specific as far as development standards, and how we plan on allowing subdivisions to come into Oakley City and the requirements for those, as well as the different permitting processes for the different things in the different zones.”

She said the code revision will be released by the end of next week, or the week after that.   She added a public hearing is set for February 17th.     

“So depending on public input from that meeting, there will either be little and the public will love it, hopefully, and we will be able to just make little tweaks and send it onto City Council.  If there is some great public input that requires some changes in it, then we’ll make those changes and then it will go before Planning Commission for a second public hearing.”

Oakley Planner Stephanie Woolstenhulme.   A revision to their General Plan has already had a public hearing, and will be adopted with the new Land Use Code.