Park City Film Is First Theater In Utah With Program For People Who Qualify For Food Stamps

Nov 7, 2018

Park City Film – formerly known as the Park City Film Series - creates a new program all in the name of social equity. Melissa Allison has more:

One of the goals of Park City Film is to make sure that art is accessible to everyone – including film and now Park City Film is the first theater in Utah to offer a new program that does just that.

Director Katy Wang said she got the idea for the Utah Art’s Museum.

“It’s something that I became aware of over the summer I was at the Utah Find Arts Museum,” Wang said. “[I] noticed that there’s a program called, “Museums for All” where they offered discounted ticket prices to people who that have electronic benefit cards or are eligible for food stamps. And, you know it kind of occurred to me that not everyone can go to our free screenings when we’re showing them, right? Not everyone is available on a Thursday night when we’re showing them or a Saturday at 4 – maybe they want to go to a film on a Friday night or a Saturday night with their family. And so, we came up with this program where anyone that has an electronic benefit transfer card, food stamps is how their now used, can come to the film series. You know, get a $3 ticket price and that’s for up to four members of your family and you’ll also get a coupon for free popcorn.”

She said you can have unlimited refills, just bring a bowl for your family to get filled up.

You can’t pay for the movie with your card, you just need to show it.

“We’re reaching out through the Christian Center and through the schools and we’ve had fliers around town,” Wang said. “We’ve got some signage at the theater and kind of small little fliers that people can take home in both English and Spanish, so we can reach more of our community and make them aware that this opportunity exists.”

I'm Melissa Allison, KPCW News.