Park Silly Holiday Bazaar Back This Weekend

Dec 4, 2018

As we creep closer to gift giving season, those that procrastinate are looking for good opportunities for unique gifts. One option for those who haven’t finished their shopping is the Park Silly Holiday Bazaar this weekend.

Park Silly Executive Director Kate McChesney says this year’s edition of The Park Silly Holliday Bazaar is shaping up to be a great holiday event.

“It’s actually this weekend and then we’re going to be back at the Marriot on Sidewinder right here in Park City.” McChesney said, “On Friday night it’s going to be from 5:00 to 9:00 pm. Then all day Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am till 5:00 pm. We’ve got free photo’s with Santa. So, bring your own cameras, get your children all dolled up. Either you’ll get a screamer, which I love those we’ve got plenty of those myself, or just your amazing photo to send off to the family.”

The event will have 90 vendors this year.

“I know, we pack them in. If you give us a little teeny tiny corner space, we’re going to pack them in. We did just an all-call and then we did a judge and jury, so we had over 200 apply. From that we were really able to dial it down to things that we think would make a really good holiday vendor. About 40% are brand new. So again, we love the holiday bazaar because we do get a lot different vendors than we would in the summer.”

McChesney explains that they see different vendors from the summer market as people bring seasonal items.

“A lot more hats, and gloves and mittens. Wreaths I know the Park City Nursery is going to be joining us, so you can get some wreath’s and some swag there. Then just more things that are holiday geared which is always really exciting and festive.”

There will be live music, the restaurant and bar at the Marriot will be open all day for people to buy food and drinks. You can get to the event by bus, there is also free parking is available at the Marriott as well.