Peace House Domestic Abuse Shelter Faces Bigger Challenges Than Ever as it Turns 25

Jul 22, 2020


Credit Peace House

The Park City Peace House has entered its 25th year, and in 2020 the coronavirus pandemic has brought new challenges to its mission of helping victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault.


The clinical director for the Peace House, Nicole Herway, said the nonprofit has adapted to COVID-19 with social distancing, sanitation measures and remote telehealth services, though in-person services are still available when necessary.


She said the challenges of reporting abuse are even more daunting in a time of restrictions and staying at home


“Because it’s been sort of a catch-22, if you will—meaning that incidences are going up,” Herway said. “But it’s a really hard time to exit an abusive relationship right now, because of the financial insecurity that COVID-19 presents. A lot of survivors are seeing an increase in the abuse, but a decrease in their ability to feel like they have access to resources.”


Herway said they’re trying to be more vocal in the community and offer a more robust version of their usual therapy services, offered to individuals, families, and groups.


“So we’ve increased the number of therapists, and improved the availability for appointments, and also added a bilingual component,” she said. “So we’re trying to really match the needs of the community that we serve.”


And she reminded citizens that their services are free of charge.


“Because we’re funded through grant funding, and also through private foundation donations. And so anyone who comes in, you don’t have to provide any information. You just have to have a way for us to contact you and then you get services free of charge.”


If you need assistance from Peace House, call the 24/7 hotline at 1-800-647-9161 or contact Herway at