Pledge Drive Day One - Learn about your Local Nonprofits and Support KPCW

10 hours ago


We've reached $30,000 this morning! Show your support today.


The KPCW 2020 Winter Pledge Drive is here and it's not like your normal public broadcasters pledge drive!  We approach our pledge drives like a community drive for nonprofits, not just KPCW, with great premiums donated by locals and businesses.  

Call to donate and choose premium: (435) 649-9004


Click to donate online without premium


Bid on online auction items 



Pledge Drive Schedule for Monday, March 2nd, 2020:

The nonprofit partner that brings in the most callers and raises the most dollars for KPCW during their hour will receive free underwriting from KPCW.  Support KPCW and your favorite organization by calling and pledging your support or donating online (don't forget to mention the organization you want to support in the comments but unfortunately premiums cannot be selected online)!

Check out the full schedule for KPCW's 2020 Winter Pledge Drive here.