Summit Brings Local Arts Community Together To Discuss Accomplishments, Future Plans

Apr 1, 2019

Summit County residents who are interested in shaping or participating in future arts and culture initiatives can join the conversation at the 2019 Park City Summit County Arts Summit Friday. 

The Arts Summit stems from the Project ABC Cultural Plan for Summit County, which recommends hosting an annual meeting for the local arts and culture community to brainstorm improvements and celebrate achievements. Jocelyn Scudder, Park City Summit County Arts Council Managing Director, says the summit isn’t just for artists.

“I know that arts and culture is a big topic community-wide—County Council and City Council have been talking a lot about arts and culture," Scudder said. "So, anyone who's interested, we invite them to come because we're going to be talking about the state of the arts, so we’ll be reporting on the current impact of arts and culture in the entire sector. We’ll talk about investment, jobs, wages, and economic metrics.”

The summit will feature presenters from the community, including local musician Bill McGinnis on the Musicians and Songwriters Exchange of Park City; and Park City Institute Executive Director Teri Orr on TEDxYouth. Utah Cultural Alliance Director Crystal Young-Otterstrom will also discuss how arts and culture initiatives and organizations fared during the recent state legislative session.

The Arts Summit runs 9 a.m. to noon on Friday, April 5, at the Blair Education Center. It’s free to attend, but participants are encouraged to RSVP online at