Summit County Development Director Has Update On Dakota Project

Mar 18, 2020

Credit Dakota Pacific

The Dakota Pacific Company had several work sessions last year with the Snyderville Planning Commission on their proposal to revise the Boyer Tech Park property at Kimball Junction.

County Development Director Pat Putt says Dakota could return soon to the county planners.   

Dakota is proposing to reconfigure the Boyer property as a mixed-use neighborhood with residential, retail, offices and public uses.

Putt said that last year, before the holidays, they asked Dakota representatives to come back and define the residential component of the project.       

“The original application included a little over 1100 residential units.    I think it was 1,135.  We weren’t clear how many of those were going to be workforce housing.  We weren’t certain if there was going to be a component that was  somewhere between the attainable and workforce, what that was.  It was somewhat unclear as to the size of those units.”

He said they wanted to get more information before taking it back to the Snyderville Commission or the public.     

“It touches on a number of key points of that project design.  It’s certainly neighborhood design.  But it’s also about neighborhood and the broader regional mobility, and what do those residential units mean in terms of traffic.   Does it make traffic worse?  Does it make it equal?   Does it make it better.”    And without having that defined, we didn’t think it was wise to move forward.”

Summit County Development Director Pat Putt, who said the Dakota plan could return to the Snyderville Commisison in the next couple of meetings.