Lynn Ware Peek

New Treatments for Sleep Apnea

Jul 29, 2021

On Cool Science Radio, Dr. Nancy Addy, a dentist and past president of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine joins the show.

Dr. Addy talks with John and Lynn about the science of sleep apnea, and how those cumbersome and noisy CPAP machines are starting to be replaced by a simple oral device. 

22-million Americans suffer from sleep apnea and if you're one of them, or if you share a bed with one of them, you'll definitely want to listen in.

The Latest Developments on COVID and Staying Safe in the Workplace

Jul 29, 2021

On Cool Science Radio, your hosts John Wells and Lynn Ware Peek bring you Josh Fischman, Senior Editor at Scientific American.

Fischman comes on to discuss recent developments on the CDC’s reversal of having vaccinated people wear masks indoors.

These changes of course coming because of the new Delta variant creating a spike in COVID cases.

Also, Fischman reports on why people are still refusing to get vaccinated: noting that a lot of people still don’t think COVID is a serious disease.

Trail Designing Guru Bob Radke

Jul 29, 2021

On The Mountain Life, trail designer and guru, Bob Radke, comes on to talk about the trail networks his company, Creative Trails has built. This includes the Slate Creek Trail in the Uintahs.

Radke discusses how trail design is becoming a bigger and more complex world. 

Learn More About Park City Intermountain Hospital's LiveWell Center

Jul 29, 2021

On The Mountain Life, Marlene Hatch joins Pete and Lynn to talk about the Project Podium Olympic triathlon hopefuls. Hatch is a Physical Therapy Manager at Park City Intermountain Hospital. 

These athletes train in Park City with help from experts at Park City Hospital’s sports performance/medicine services. The services are provided in the LiveWell Center, and you can benefit from them as well.

Avi-on is Lighting Up Park City

Jul 22, 2021

On Cool Science Radio, Eric Miller, President, and CEO of Park City-based Avi-on Labs joins Lynn and John.

Avi-on designs and builds a family of Bluetooth® enabled lighting products that are reliable, state of the art, easy to configure and manage with any smartphone.

On Cool Science Radio, Bill Nelson, NASA’s 14th administrator comes on the show.

Mother Shares Daughter's Path to the Summer Olympics in Tokyo

Jul 21, 2021

On The Mountain Life, Lynn and Pete speak with Cathy Batten, who is the mom of Haley Batten, a 23-year old Park City local who just landed in Tokyo for her first Olympic games.

Haley will be representing the US in women's mountain biking.

Cathy will be joining the show to talk about parenting a high-achieving child, what Haley's path was like leading up to the Olympics, and how to watch this hometown hero when she races in the Summer Olympics on Tuesday, July 27.

On The Mountain Life, Lynn Ware Peek and Pete Stoughton will be speaking with Dr. Jennifer Haley, a dermatologist who focuses on a whole-body approach to dermatology.

She helps patients develop the perspective to understand that skin reflects their internal health and then helps them create healthy plans that are good for the body, both inside and out.

Dr. Haley is also the host of a podcast called Radiance Revealed. 


The Science of Sweat

Jul 15, 2021

On Cool Science Radio, Sarah Everts comes on the show. Everts has authored a book on one of our weirdest biological functions, perspiration.

In her new book, The Joy of Sweat: The Strange Science of Perspiration, she explores this most vital and least understood function of our body.  

On Cool Science Radio, Dr. Kate Biberdorf joins the show to talk about her new book, It’s Elemental: The Hidden Chemistry in Everything.

From eating breakfast to putting on makeup, to baking and sleeping, chemistry is literally everywhere—and it doesn’t take a Ph.D. in science to understand it. 

On The Mountain Life, Lora Smith, the new Executive Director of Mountainn Trails Foundation comes on the along with her new executive assistant, Ian Hartley.

They will talk about the trails system in Park City, what’s new and exciting for the summer and how the organization is evolving since the retirement of local legend Charlie Sturgis.  

On The Mountain Life, Pete Stoughton and Lynn Ware Peek speak with former spy turned stay-at-home mom, Christina Hillsberg, who provides a groundbreaking guide to parenting based on her experience as a CIA analyst.

On Cool Science Radio, Dr. Alex Belser joins the show to discuss psychedelic therapeutics.

Belser has been a leader in the psychedelic research community for the last twenty years. His research has focused on investigating psilocybin and MDMA to treat depression, anxiety, substance use, OCD, PTSD, and end-of-life distress. He has done this research through clinical trials at New York University and Yale University. 


Is a Cure for Cancer on the Horizon?

Jul 8, 2021

On Cool Science Radio, John and Lynn bring Nathaniel Scharping on the show.


Scharping is a feature writer for Discover Magazine and he has just written an article titled When Viruses Heal.


He contends that after many years of risky trials and medical advances, a viral cure for cancer could fulfill its promise.



On The Mountain Life, Gregg Davison and Savannah Fine of Park City Toastmasters come on to talk with Pete and Lynn.

Together, they share ways in which we can all improve our public speaking skills.