Lynn Ware Peek

Producer/ Co-Host

Lynn Ware Peek is a long-time contributor to KPCW. She joined the station in 2008 with Tales from the Wasatch Back, was a reporter from 2012 to 2016, and co-hosts and produces two of KPCW’s Public Affairs Hour shows, The Mountain Life, on health and lifestyle, on Wednesdays and Cool Science Radio, tackling science and technology every Thursday. 

Ways to Connect

Cool Science Radio welcomes Park City local Damien Patton, the CEO and founder of Banjo. Damien has been determined to solve one of the most common but difficult problems out there - making the world's disparate data purposeful - and doing so live. Over the past seven years, Banjo has continued to pioneer technology that reinvents what's possible in a truly connected world. Banjo is the world's first Live-Time intelligence platform that gives decision makers the ability to KNOW INFORMATION NOW, to understand what is happening live, anywhere. 

Cool Science Radio speaks with Dr. Andrew Shapiro, the manager of technology formulation for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. Shapiro is the manager of early-stage innovation for the Space Technology Office. These concepts typically are developed for NASA.

Joining The Mountain Life is Tucker Norred, the senior marketing manager at Woodward Park City. The year-round sports destination has a fully integrated 125-acre campus with an indoor action sports hub and outdoor action sports venues. The campus is designed to encourage intuitive growth and safe progression in 10 sports and activities including: Snowboarding, skiing, tubing, mountain biking, skateboarding, BMX, scooter, parkour, cheer and digital media. 



The Mountain Life speaks with humorist Emily Flake about the awkward hug. Flake is a regular cartoonist for the New Yorker, and writes and illustrates a comedic journey through this potnetially awkward encounter called the hug. Let's face it, we've all been there. Her guidebook is That Was Awkward: The Art and Etiquette of the Awkward Hug

Science writer and technology editor for the magazine Scientific American, Sophie Bushwick, joins the show to discuss the October issue of the magazine. The cover issue deals with new information acheived through mathematical models which expose terrifying flying monsters called Pterosaurs. She talks about quantum computers and the challenges to encryption of protected information as these quantum computers come onto the scene.

Cool Science Radio welcomes Ian Billick, executive director of the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory. At 9,300 feet in a picturesque canyon above Crested Butte, Colorado, in the former silver mining/ghost town of Gothic, scientists from all over the globe come each year to do research at this mountain outpost also known as RMBL. Billick is a field biologist who is interested in the ecology and evolution of complex systems. He has a Phd in Biology from UCSD and he lives in Crested Butte. 


  The Mountain Life welcomes guest Danny Connolly, a native Utahn, the owner and operator of Parley’s Electric, a family man and a local ultra runner whose race results figure with some of the best in the area. Connolly just finished the St. George Marathon in less than two hours - which is fast. He did it by pushing his brother in a modified 'chariot' of sorts. Brother Brian has Multiple Sclerosis and is in a wheelchair. 






Wild Women Tribe is a locally produced group, facilitated by The Mountain Life guest Renee Huang. The tribe empowers women through transformational outdoor experiences and wilderness workshops. The vision? To build a network of female spirits seeking to share growth, brainstorms, energy and positive intentions with other like-minded fierce women in the great outdoors.

Joining us today on The Mountain Life is branding expert Maria Ross.  We talk about empathy all the time in our organizations, we hope that we are born with it, we try to teach it to our kids. Turns out that empathy is good for business, it’s good for organizations of all types. Ross joins us to discuss her new book, The Empathy Edge, Harnessing the Value of Compassion as a Engine for Success. It’s a playbook for brands, leaders, and teams.

Cool Science Radio welcomes guest David Schiller, who has written Guitar: The World’s Most Seductive Instrument. Beginning in a guitar store on Bleecker Street in New York City, Schiller, accompanied by a photo researcher, traveled far and wide to study and photograph hundreds of guitars, visiting shops, collectors’ offices, museums, festivals, factories, and artisan workshops around the country and all over the world.

Cool Science Radio welcomes guest Andrew Mack, the founder of OLO, a modern day cannabis company based in Richmond, California. Recreational marijuana isn't legal in the great state of Utah but we wanted to shine a light on OLO’s unique scientific approach to cannabis products. To go beyond simple strains, OLO has assembled a team of biochemists, neuroscientists, psychologists, and cannabis experts to apply their expertise to develop, analyze and extensively test new products. 

The Mountain Life speaks with Eve Rodsky. Eve is a first time book author, but she’s also a Harvard Law school graduate and the founder of the Philanthropy Advisory Group, a mother of three, and a wife. She felt overwhelmed at her “sh$t to do list” and started pontificating on the relative imbalance between her job duties around the house and her husband’s, even thought they were both employed full-time outside the home.

The Mountain Life welcomes a dive into Foundation Training with its founder, Dr. Eric Goodman, and two local practitioners, Sofia Mileti and Dr.

Cool Science Radio speaks with Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Matt Richtel, who this time appears under his pseudonym, A.B. Jewell, which he uses to write technology fiction. His book is The Man Who Wouldn't Die,  it's a Silicon Valley Mystery Novel. Having reported on science, technology and business for nearly two decades for the New York Times, A.B.