Summit Park

Plans for a schedule power outage in Summit Park on Tuesday were cancelled.

Rocky Mountain Power had scheduled the outage for Tuesday in order to do some needed maintenance in the area. Despite low temperatures predicted for the area the power company had planned to follow through with the outage up until early Tuesday morning. At that time, Summit Park residents received this phone message.

Despite complaints, a power outage scheduled for most of Tuesday will go on as planned.

Rocky Mountain Power has scheduled the outage in Summit Park area from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on Tuesday, the 29th.

Although residents were noticed about the outage via e-mail, phone call or mailers, many are upset with the timing.

The national weather service has issued a winter weather advisory for Tuesday with one to four inches of snow likely and temperatures in the 20’s.

13-Year Old Bitten By Bear While Camping Near Moab

Aug 9, 2019
Utah DWR

A 13-year old was bitten by a bear in the Moab area along the Colorado River Friday morning.

The 13-year old male victim was bitten on the right cheek and right ear at about 5:45 AM while sleeping in a camping area near the Dewey Bridge in Grand County, Utah. He was first brought to a clinic in Moab and then transported by ambulance to an ER in Grand Junction. He was treated and released.

Utah DWR

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources received 27 reports of bear encounters in 2018, yet it’s mid-July and they’ve already had 25 reports of bears rummaging through campgrounds, playgrounds, back yards and garbage cans. 

Bear Getting Comfortable In Summit Park Neighborhood

Jun 26, 2019
Karen Madigen

The Division of Wildlife Resources has decided to relocate a young bear that’s been marauding in Summit Park for the last week. KPCW has some details on the sightings and the next steps to transport the animal away from humans.

Karen Madigen is a resident of Summit Park and she’s captured video of several night-time visits onto her property.  Her ring camera shows the bear walking the perimeter of her home.

The Summit County's Attorney's has declined to prosecute a Summit Park resident who shot and killed a moose after it attacked his dog about two weeks ago.

Chief Prosecutor Matthew Bates, wrote in a letter that the shooter, who legally had a 40 caliber semi-automatic hand gun under a conceal-carry permit, acted in self defense when he fired twice at the moose.

Bates, however,  said he was referring the case to Animal Control, to site the shooter for walking his dog off leash. Rick Brough has more.

A suicide was reported Monday night near Summit Park. The case was handled by Salt Lake County officers, since the victim's body was found, just to the west of the county line. Rick Brough has more.

The Summit County Council has a long list of items on their agenda Wednesday, including possibly approving a change to allow a Hyatt Hotel along Highway 224. Rick Brough has more.