Superintedent Jill Gildea


A controversy has been roiling in Park City over an anti-bullying teacher training program at Trailside Elementary. A group of parents will host a public meeting Tuesday to address the controversial Welcoming Schools program.

Parents Ask Questions At PCSD Public Forum

May 2, 2019

Park City School District parents who attended the master planning panel discussion on Tuesday, asked questions that included wanting to know how hard it is on kids to transition from one school to another. They asked what best practices should be used to determine school and class size and what kind of data is available. The panel also fielded questions about traffic impacts on school and grade changes.

School Calendar Changes To Be Voted On In January

Dec 19, 2018

The Park City School Board discussed next year’s school calendar in Tuesday’s meeting. They received feedback from the public along with the Park City Education Association representative. Carolyn Murray has this:

The Calendar Committee arrived at two options for next year. Each option presents small changes to this year’s calendar. School Board Member Erin Grady said the committee was made up of district administration, district staff and members of the education association. She said the survey results supports the B version over the A-version.