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Salt Lake City Mayoral candidate David Ibarra joins Cada Domingo. Ibarra is the son of a Zapotec Indian from Mexico and an American white woman from Salina, Utah, and also founded the Ibarra Foundation, which focuses to make college possible for Latino students by providing full tuition scholarships. We talk about his history, his candidacy, and how his policies could affect the Latino population in Utah.


Cada Domingo speaks with artist and poet Casey Tracy, who is also a member of the Danae tribe (better known as Navajo in the USA). We will talk about the history of the Danae tribe, their traditions, and how they were affected during the years of the conquest of the American continent, and the similarities between North America, Central America and South America. Casey Tracy es artista, poeta, miembro de la tribu Danae (mejor conocida como Návajo en EEUU). Hablamos de la historia de la tribu Danae, sus tradiciones, y de como fueron afectadas durante los años de la conquista del continente A

Ma Black, community co-host with KRCL RadioActive and Rafael Zamora, executive chef at Wahso restaurant in Park City join the show.

We talk to Ma Black about her new radio program Radio Ekletkik at KRCL, and the show Radioactive. We also talk with Rafael and discuss his journey as a chef from his beginnings as a dishwasher in 1989, as a chef to ex-presidents of Mexico, artists from Spain and Argentina, and his culinary recognitions.

Cada Domingo talks with Salvador Oregon-Torres, the youth programs organizer with United Communities. We talk with Salvador about his life, including leaving Mexico at 11 months of age, his work with non-profit organizations, and his experiences as a queer person in the United States.

Today on Cada Domingo, we speak with members of the Nopalera Artist Collective, Ella Mendoza and Jorge Arellano. Ella lives in Salt Lake City and is both an artist and writer from Lima, Peru. Ella's work focuses on the personal experiences related to immigration, nostalgia and abuse. Jorge Arellano is an artist and immigrant musician born in Taxaco, Guerrero, Mexico. His work includes paintings, murals, and rock music. 


Brian Alfaro, President of the Area Hispanic Council for Weber State University along with Ketzel and Andrea Morales. Ketzel is a senior with Utah State University studying global communications; Andrea is a junior with Salt Lake Community College studying accounting. 

We will talk about the challenges, experiences, advice, and tips for young Latinos who attend university, and much more. 

 Bianca Carrasco is the Spanish and Youth Services Coordinator  at the 

Rosvita Aquino Cordova joins the show. Rosvita and her family presented at the Utah Museum of Natural History on the history of cacao. She learned the traditional way to prepare the artisan bitter chocolate from her mother's family, and from her paternal grandmother. Rosvita has kept this tradition alive for more than 70 years. Today their children and grandchildren still enjoy drinking chocolate prepared in the traditional way done by Rosvita. We will talk about the process of preparation, its history, and the traditions behind cacao. 

Dallas Graham, creator of "Red Fred Project," joins the show.

Comunidades Unidas is an organization dedicated to empowering the Latinx Community in Utah. Our goal is to keep families healthy and together! We will discuss the organization, its mission to empower the Latino and Immigrant communities to bring about a positive change within their community. We will also discuss President Trump and his rhetoric in effort to build a wall at the Mexican border. 

  Rocio Torres, activist and masters of public administration joins the show. We discuss issues of social equity, cultural identity, and what individuals can do to promote better understanding between our communities to create a more equitable living environment. 

 Platicamos de temas cotidianos, no representando a ninguna organización. Hablamos de varios temas muy importantes.


We'll discuss common topics, without representing any particular organization. We  discuss various important topics.