Best Of Cool Science Radio 2020: Dr. Andrew Maynard and Terry McGraw Interviews Rebroadcast

Dec 31, 2020

On the final day of 2020, John and Lynn celebrate the year-end and a new beginning with a best-of show featuring interviews previously aired that inspired them to carve out the work needed to change our world for the better in terms of technology.

( 01:40) The first guest is Dr. Andrew Maynard, an expert on socially responsible technology development. He writes that human beings have a responsibility and indeed can play a role in shaping technology to serve and be useful instead of taking us down the wrong path—his new book, Future Rising: A Journey From the Past to the Edge of Tomorrow.

( 27:10) Then, how to protect ourselves and our children in the cyber world. Cybersecurity expert and Retired Army Colonel, Terry McGraw is the second guest on this year end  show.  John and Lynn speak with Terry about the steps Utah parents can take to secure their children's data while they learn online. Terry also discusses how Utah's local and state officials are taking steps to protect their communities from cyberattacks.

Happy New Year from Cool Science Radio.