Canyons Resort Employee Housing Headed For Hearing Before County Manager

Jan 23, 2020

Summit County Manager Tom Fisher says that, at the end of the month, he will be hosting a public hearing on the Canyons’ proposed workforce-housing development in the Lower Village of the Resort.  

The employee housing, under the Canyons revised Specially Planned Area agreement, gets its final approval from the County Manager.

The Snyderville Planning Commission voted a recommendation for the plan January 14th.    The hearing before Fisher is January 31st.

The housing would be comprised of 169 units, or over 1150 pillows in six buildings and six townhomes.

Fisher said the residential units will be a mix.         

“There will be some dorm-style housing living situations in there.   But it’s also going to have  1, 2, 3, even some 4-bedroom units and six townhouses that could be attributed to more of a family situation.    So I think we’re gonna see a whole different mix in there.   That’s part of the interesting part that I’ll be looking at, to see what that mix looks like.”

The rentals will be restricted according to an Average Median Income level set in the Canyons Development Agreement.   The units will be governed by the Canyons Village Management Association.

The Snyderville Commissioners were reportedly concerned about how the residents will safely make their way across a large parking area, to the cabriolet or transit  stop.     

“As a parking lot, we have a lot of people walking with big plastic boots on their feet, and they make it across that now.    I think as part of the redevelopment of that parking lot, they have to put in some walkways.  Certainly there’s walkways around the parking lot currently.  So all of those things will have to be in place in order to make it safe for pedestrians.”

Summit County Manager Tom Fisher.