Commons At Newpark To Come Before Summit County Council This Wednesday

Aug 7, 2018

Credit Summit County

The Commons at Newpark project received an approval earlier this summer, but that's been appealed. The dispute goes before the Summit County Council during its Wednesday session.

The council meets at the Coalville Courthouse Wednesday and the appeal of the Commons takes place at about 4:30 pm.

 The plan, from developer Gary Crandall and his sons, would create a building with seven townhouse units, up to four stories, located to the west of the Newpark Plaza. Although the parcel was originally planned as commercial, the project now is residential.

 County Manager Tom Fisher gave it an approval after a hearing in late June.

 Development Director Pat Putt summarized two of the objections to the plan.

 “One that the county errored when it confirmed and decided that there was the ability to change the land uses based on changes in the market. I believe another appeal point has to do with the county erring in allowing the change from a three-story building to a four-story building.”

 He also reviewed the county’s position on the issues, such as a changed use for the location.

 “There is the ability to request those changes under the existing language in the SPA agreement and the development agreement and the master plan. That those type of modifications have been made in the past. As represented and exampled by the Newpark hotel and the Nevis townhomes.”