Communication After Trauma Event Takes Place This Wednesday

Oct 2, 2018

Wednesday evening from 5:30 to 7:00 pm Mountain Mediation invites the public to hear a presentation entitled Communication After Trauma at the Blair Education Center at the Park City Hospital.

Natalie Segall is an attorney, mediator and a member of the Mountain Mediation board. She explains why they’re speaking about trauma.

“A lot of times in mediation—especially in restorative justice and victim offender realm—we’re dealing with people that have experienced trauma of some sort.” Segall said, “Being able to talk to someone that’s experience trauma, take that experience and explain it to somebody else—for example in a victim-offender mediation—and really get that person to understand what the person that’s experienced trauma has been through is a skill that mediators need to have.”

Those who attend will hear from Dr. Kathy Franchek. Dr. Franchek is an associate professor of pediatrics at the University of Utah school of Medicine.

“She has done a lot of research, especially in the realm of domestic violence and victims of domestic violence. She actually trains residents on how to identify certain factors with the children that they treat to see if that child has been exposed to violence. Often times a traumatic event that a child has witnessed shows up in the child and presents itself in a physiological or a mental way. She is kind of a pioneer with training residents on how to identify certain factors that a child may have been exposed to violence.”

Mountain Mediation is not the only local organization familiar with these skills. Both the peace house and Park City School District use the training as well. A panel discussion will follow the presentation by Dr. Franchek.

“Evie Brinkerhoff, she’s one of our board members, she’s a trained mediator and a child welfare mediator for the state of Utah, she will be on the panel. We’ll have someone from the counseling staff at the Peace House on the panel. Sam Walsh the intervention counselor at Park City High School will be there. Then a private mental health provider in our community, Kristan Warnick, will also be there on the panel.”

You can find out more about the event here.