Cool Science Radio - Completing the Darwinian Revolution - David Sloan Wilson

May 2, 2019

Lynn Ware Peek is joined by "evolutionist" and evolutionary biologist David Sloan Wilson. Wilson is a Distinguished Professor of Biological Sciences and Anthropology at Binghamton University. It is widely understood that Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution completely revolutionized the study of biology.Yet, according to Wilson, the Darwinian revolution won’t be truly complete until it is applied more broadly—to everything associated with the words “human,” “culture,” and “policy.”

 Wilson joins to explore this complete theory of evolution —from the breeding of hens to the timing of cataract surgeries to the organization of an automobile plant—he says that if we can become wise managers of evolutionary processes, we can solve the problems of our age at all scales—from the efficacy of our groups to our well-being as individuals to our stewardship of the planet Earth.