Driver Flees Scene Of Hit And Run Leaving Cyclist On Park Avenue Sidewalk

Jul 29, 2019


Credit PCPD / PCMC

A man was struck a week ago Sunday while riding a bicycle on the path adjacent to the Park City Golf Course. The woman driving the vehicle left the scene and was arrested the next day at the Park City Police Station.

Park City Police arrested 39 year old Salt Lake City resident, Meghan McComas,  who came into the station a week ago Sunday. A witness to the accident gave her license plate number to the police and they were able to locate her a day after the incident. Park City Police Captain Phil Kirk says they contacted the suspect and asked her to come into the station for questioning.

"Two of the charges were basically hit and run. Failure to remain at the scene of an injury accident. Failure to give assistance and failure to give the proper information such as your name and everything at an accident scene. The other charges were obstruction of justice. Failure to cooperate within a single lane of traffic and then finally driving on the sidewalk."

According to Third District court documents, McComas told the police she could not remember whether she had hit a man on a bicycle. The vehicle had a large dent on the passenger side and a large scratch on the passenger door.

The victim is from San Francisco. He was riding a bike when McComas’ white Lexus SUV veered onto the sidewalk along Park Avenue. The man was with his dog who was not hurt. He was checked out on the scene and a medical release was done by emergency responders at the scene. However, later in the day, the police report indicates he went to the Park City Hospital for treatment where he was met by a Police Officer.

Court documents reveal that a witness saw the accident and stated the victim flew 10 to 12 feet in the air after being hit by the vehicle. The report says he suffered a concussion, contusion of the left chest wall, a left wrist injury and possible rib fractures.  Kirk could not comment on the condition of the driver at the time the cyclist was hit.

"A bicyclist that was seen on the sidewalk near Kearns Boulevard on park Avenue. The suspect vehicle was seen to go over the curb, onto the sidewalk, hit the bicyclist, then leave the scene."
KPCW contacted the Summit County Jail to find out if the suspect is out on bail or if she remains detained. They were not able to comment.