Heber City Begins Dark Sky Initiative

Mar 25, 2021

Credit Heber City

Residents in Heber City want to preserve the night skies in the Heber Valley while city staff work on implementing the needed steps, which includes regional cooperation.


Heber City Manager Matt Brower led the discussion at a recent Wasatch County interlocal meeting, explaining that the Heber Envision 2050 message from residents is loud and clear. Night skies are a priority, and the City is ready to draw up an interlocal agreement on the initiative.  Attending the meeting were elected officials and staff from the Wasatch County government and municipalities. Brower said it wouldn't work unless everyone is on board and outlined three areas of focus.


First, there is an ordinance in place that requires all new developments to comply with really best practices for night skies,” he said. “And that's been done and put in place by the Heber City Council. The next part of our strategy is to be looking at the existing lights and how we can retrofit them to come in compliance with night sky requirements. Then the third leg of the strategy is partnering with our local community members to make sure that we all have the same ordinance."


He said the Night Skies initiative wouldn't require residents to retrofit their lighting. The city will budget to upgrade streetlights and outdoor lighting on city facilities.


Brower said the interlocal meeting entities, including Wasatch County Council members and Midway City officials, gave a warm response to the Heber City Dark Skies Initiative.