Historic Park City Wants Park Silly Schedule To Be Better Communicated To Patrons

Nov 28, 2018

Credit Historic Park City Alliance

Another season of the Park Silly Sunday Market is behind us and Main Street merchants continue to have mixed feelings, according to the director of the Historic Park City Alliance, Michael Barille.

At a recent meeting of the Alliance, a merchant remarked that on one weekend when the Silly Market was on hiatus, visitors who came up from Salt Lake were upset.

Barille said it’s not certain how those off weekends affect Main Street.

“A number of our merchants feel like they do really well on those Sundays. Then the question was why are we doing well? Is it because the normal crowd is coming up and they’re looking for alternatives to the market because the market isn’t there. Or is it some differentiation in the type of crowd that we get to Main Street on those Sundays. For certain merchants the Silly Market has great cross-over from the attendees and others, like the galleries and some of the home-good stores, they seem to do better with the crowd that comes on the non-silly Sundays. We’re just trying to find the right balance there working with the city and with the market management. One thing that I think everyone does agree on is whatever the schedule is, we need to try to communicate that as clearly as possible so that people are getting what they expect when they come on those weekends.”

We asked him if the merchants are content with the Silly Market. He said it depends on who you ask.

“Some feel like that there’s good crossover and that they have good Sunday sales on those days and others feel like its really detracting from their sales and they’d prefer to see a few more off days or some alternating locations. We’ll explore those things as we go into a new contract negotiation but that’s still a couple years out. Operationally, I think we feel like the silly market management does a great job of operating according to the contract that they’ve been approved under and trying to make things work.”