Man Hit By Park City Bus After Stepping Into The Shoulder Lane On 224

Sep 3, 2019

Credit Utah Highway Patrol

A European man was hit by a Park City Transit bus traveling in the shoulder lane this weekend. 

The accident occurred on Sunday around 10:30 am. Corporal Colton Freckleton of the Utah Highway Patrol says the 21-year-old man from Montenegro was walking southbound on 224 towards Park City near mile marker nine close to the Canyons Resort drive.

“At which point the pedestrian stepped out into the shoulder," Freckleton explained. "In Park City their shoulder becomes a bus lane for their buses. A bus was pulling into the shoulder lane and clipped the pedestrian as the pedestrian took another small step out.”

The man was taken to the hospital for x-rays where it was revealed he had a skull fracture. Although UHP could not say the severity of the accident, the 21-year-old had not been released from the hospital as of Monday. Freckleton said that the bus driver was not at fault and that the man was actually cited for stepping in the roadway. Freckleton reminds the public to be careful when walking near roadways.

“We just ask pedestrians if you're walking on the sidewalk to stay on the sidewalk not walk into the roadway and use the crosswalks if you're needing cross the road," Freckleton said. "A lot of pedestrians get hurt by crossing too early and technically they’re jaywalking or being a pedestrian in a roadway.”

He added a lot of times its difficult for larger vehicles to see those walking and its safer for those traveling by foot to stay on sidewalks.