Michelin Guide Gives Utah Prestigious Three-Star Rating

Jul 5, 2018

Credit Utah Olympic Park

The State of Utah is being recognized as a top tourist destination by one at top travel guide.

The French based Michelin Guide has aided travelers for more than 100 years. Michelin, yes THAT Michelin, the one that does tires, publishes their Green Guide using a three-tiered system. Utah has become the first and only U.S. State to receive a three-star rating.

Utah office of Tourism Director Vicki Varela says receiving the rating is an honor for the state.

“Remarkable accomplishment for our state. Michelin is a world-famous travel guide, it’s like a bible for many travelers.” Varela explained “This is the first time in Michelin history, the hundred years they have published this, that hey have recognized a state as tourism destination that you simply must see. They describe it as essential, exceptional, worth a journey in itself”

The guide looks at several different factors in determining ratings.

“They look at everything from the destination itself. What are the landscapes, what are the monuments, museums, the places to see. Then they talk about the experience that people have there. Whether there’s a welcoming spirit, whether there able to navigate easily. Whether as a whole it’s a transcendent, transpiring experience. “

Varela Continued “They also look at other awards and recognitions and that goes to a recognition that Utah got a couple of years ago by another travel bible, Fodors. Fodors also differentiated Utah, the first time that they ever named one top travel destination in the world. They named Utah in 2016. I’m sure that had some influence on Michelin because that’s part of their criteria for measuring.”

One contributor to the three-star rating is the Olympic Legacy Park.

“One of the things that’s featured in the Green Guide, is the Olympic Legacy Park. And of course, we’re going to be hearing a lot more about that over the next several years. Olympic Legacy Park has done such an amazing job of preserving the Olympic spirit. The guide features the fact that you can see local children training alongside world-famous athletes. The whole unusual experience, that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.”

Varela says the state is focusing on attracting what she calls ‘the best customers’. Meaning those who are willing to spend more time, more money, and get off the beaten path. She says that the Michelin Guide should help attract those tourists.