Park City Businesses Wanted To Join Sustainability Brain Storming Session

Jun 5, 2019


Credit Park City Municipal Corporation

Park City’s Sustainability team wants to engage local business owners and managers to help meet the City’s net-zero goals. They’ve put out a survey asking about sustainable business practices currently being done but have had little response from the community.

Last year, Park City Sustainability Project Manager, Celia Peterson started thinking about ways to launch a community inspired voluntary sustainability program. She says whatever they come up with must have enough teeth in it to be impactful, but also doable for most businesses. She started by reaching out to Recycle Utah and a handful of businesses in town. They’ve checked in with other mountain communities to see what’s happening around the region and found one in Colorado that addresses five different environmental categories to build upon.

“Those five categories are energy use, water conservation, transportation issues, materials and waste management and something about people, whether it’s community engagement, social equity. We don’t know exactly what that is going to look like. We want to work with businesses to develop something that’s unique to Park City and works for our own businesses.  But, also gets us towards our ambitious climate goals.”

The first public meeting was last month with just a handful of participants. They’re hoping for a bigger turnout for the second gathering where they’ll talk about participation incentives like offering reduced business license fees.

The way I envision this happening is that we have a strong network of businesses that are sharing ideas and maybe even developing ideas that they couldn’t implement alone, that really need a community to implement them together.

Recycling, composting and water conservation could one day be adopted as ordinances or they could be part of the requirements for businesses to get sustainability certification. Peterson hopes more business owners, managers and employees will join in the conversation about best practices for the future.

The city is holding an event on Friday for businesses specifically focused on transportation issues and electric vehicles.

Friday morning from 10:30 until 12:00, we’ll have a workshop at the library, especially for businesses, talking about the business benefits of converting to electric fleets. We’ll have Utah Clean Cities there and Leaders for Clean Air.”

Utah Clean Cities will have electric vehicles at the library from noon to 3 PM. They’ll serve ice cream and allow people to try out the fleet of electric vehicles on hand.

Mayor Andy Beerman will talk about HB 411, the Community Renewable Energy Act passed by the state legislature along with a special announcement pertaining to electric vehicles in Park City.

The Sustainable Businesses brain storming meeting is June 11 in the Park City Community Room from 4:30 to 5:30. All are welcome.