Park City Councilmember Lynn Ware Peek Not Seeking Election To Full Term

May 8, 2019


After finishing out her term this year in an appointed position on the Park City Council, Councilmember Lynn Ware Peek will not be seeking election. 

In an email to KPCW Wednesday, Peek says two factors have played into her decision not to run for a full term. First, Peek and her husband own a building near the future Arts and Culture District. Peek says as discussions ramp up around the district, she would feel compelled to recuse herself from those conversations and decisions to avoid a perception of impropriety. Peek says though she could choose not to recuse herself, given the scale of the development she feels someone else could be fully present for those conversations going forward, better serving the community in the process.

Secondly, Peek says, running for election would prevent her from continuing in her role as producer and host of two programs at KPCW. KPCW is instituting a new policy effective this election year that prohibits anyone who runs for office or serves as an elected public official from being a program host on the station.

Peek, Councilmember Nann Worel and Councilmember Becca Gerber’s seats are all open for election this year. Worel recently made public her intent to run for re-election, while Gerber intends to make an announcement about the Council race soon. Those who are interested in running can file declarations of candidacy with the City Recorder June 3 through June 7.