Park City School District Budget Includes Second Tax Increase In Two Years

Apr 18, 2019


Credit Park City School District / PCSD

The Park City School District budget is $80 million and includes the anticipated $5.7 million tax increase. Due to an increase in property assessments, tax payers will pay about $11.00 per $100,000 assessed value.

Park City School District Business Administrator, Todd Hauber says the budget on target with expectations.

“Increase last year was also $5.6 million but the assessed valuations were lower at that time. Impact was about $23.00 per 100,000. We’re anticipating assessed valuations to grow a little over 6% so that spreads the tax burden if you will across more value and so it has reduced it down to the $11.00”

Park City School District teachers and staff received across the board salary increases two years ago. The $5.6 million increase last year and this year’s anticipated $5.7 million increase will cover the contract expense along with other school district programs.

Hauber says this year’s operational expenses are $400,000 under budget due to some changes in staffing and turnover.

“So, it rolls over into the M and O fund. And that was built into the budgets.  A little under $400,000 we’re expecting to come in under budget. So, the savings come from a number of places. Some of it comes from what we call turnover savings. So we might have built the budget on a certain staffing and some of those people may have left in the course of the year or they're not going to be returning next year and the person that replaces them coming in at a lower cost, because they’ll be lower on the salary schedules. So, it’s those types of changes in turnover. And then we also have what are called vacancy savings, so in the course of the year someone may have left, and we hired someone in the course of the year, and they came in at a lower cost. So, it's those types of savings.”

Hauber says contract negotiations will start up again next school year and with it, new expectations and desires.

“So, we don’t anticipate having to dip into the rainy-day fund. That’s the purpose of this second tax increase in two years.  So, we will be able to maintain the salary schedule as it's built, the commitments that the board is made to compensation increases. Negotiations will be starting up next, the year following this school year, because the three-year contract comes to its conclusion."

A link to the Park City School District budget can be found here:$file/Budget%204-16-19%20(new).pdf