Park City Taps Louisville Planner as New Planning Director

Jan 6, 2021

Credit Park City Municipal

Park City Municipal has selected a new Planning Director to replace the retiring Bruce Erickson.


Gretchen Milliken was announced on Tuesday as the city’s pick for Planning Director, a search that has been underway since current planning director, Bruce Erickson, announced his retirement late last year.


Park City Municipal says Erickson will continue to offer support throughout the transition until Milliken officially takes over on February 1st.


Milliken previously served as the Director of Advanced Planning and Sustainability for the Louisville, Kentucky Metro Government.


Park City Municipal says Millilken will lead the Planning Department in her new position and will be primarily responsible for the Land Management Code, zoning, and supporting the Planning Commission, Historic Preservation Board, and Board of Adjustment. 


The Planning Department also develops Park City’s General Plan, which is the city’s template for future growth and redevelopment.


Milliken is a licensed architect and received her Masters of Architecture from The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden and Bachelor of Arts from California’s Occidental College. 


Park City Mayor Andy Beerman and City Manager Matt Dias both say Milliken’s previous experience in Louisville, including work solving sustainability, housing, and transportation issues, align closely with Park City’s future goals.